What I Do

I specialize in integrating analytics through data visualization and data management to enable clients to understand underlying causes of complex business issues and gain foresight into their occurrence.

I deliver end-to-end analytics solutions from conceptualization of complex business problems through implementation as interactive dashboards, which enable clients to leverage data visualization to identify, monitor, and investigate their business' risks and optimize performance.

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Who I Am

I live in Philadelphia with my girlfriend Emily and our dog Roo! We love to explore the city to find new restaurants and bars to enjoy with friends, as well as parks and dog-friendly places with Roo.

In my spare time, I am constantly tinkering with new technologies. I enjoy teaching myself new programming languages, analytics/visualization softwares, and even building my own server which hosts this website!


Fitness Dashboard

My Fitness Dashboard centralizes all of my data into one location where I can set goals and monitor my progress. Custom python scripts pull data from Withings, Google Fit, Sleep As Android, Strava, and RedyGymLog on a nighly basis into a visual interface which can be analyzed from desktop or mobile. For privacy purposes, the dashboard below is not refreshed.

Travel Rewards Value Calculator

As a business consultant I am constantly traveling, racking up points on various airline, hotel and credit card programs. It can be a full-time job trying to keep up with all of the different point "currencies" and their fluctuating values, making it difficult to ensure I am getting the most value out of each program. To stay on top of this with little effort required, I have created the Travel Rewards Value Calculator!

This tool does all of the hard work, pulling the most recent valuations from the "Point Pro" websites, and letting you compare multiple deals simultaneously. Simply choose if you are redeeming points or shopping through an online portal to earn points, and choose the source you want to use to value the rewards points. (Hint: You can switch between these values to compare verdicts from each source once you input your deals)

Finally, input the parameters of the deals you are considering and let the tool decide! To view the full user guide, click the gear icon at the top right of the dashboard. Source files are available for download in the My Documents section below.

Tableau Tools

"Tableau Tools" are a suite of programs I've written to automate some of the painful tasks when developing tableau applications in a corporate setting. As such, I've packaged each tool as a downloadable executable file which can be run locally to avoid sensitivity with uploading private data to an external environment for use of these tools. Each tool is built to require no installation, and contains a readme for further instructions on how to use. Enjoy!

Documentation Automator

The Tableau Documentation Automator is meant to make documenting your tableau workbooks a breeze, so you can focus more on building, and less on documenting. Simply run the executable and select your .twb(x) file(s) to ouput documentation of every datasource, worksheet, hierarchy, column, filter and action!

Version Controller

The Tableau Version Controller allows for easy upgrading and downgrading of tableau workbooks to specified versions of tableau. Run the executable, select your .twb(x) file(s), and enter the version you want to change to. Thats it!

My Documents

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