Explore Mining in Finland

The right geology, a long mining tradition, an extensive geological database, and more than 200 exporters of equipment and services. Finland is an ideal mining environment both for investing and operating.

World’s Greenest Mining

Welcome to Finland, on Fennoscandian shield, where the bedrock dates back to more than 2500 million years. With our long history in mining and our built-in respect towards our surroundings, we now have an extremely lively mining cluster with world-class sustainable technology solutions and cutting-edge engineering know‑how.

Our Roots Run
Deep in Mining

Mining is firmly rooted in our nature.
Finns have been mining since the 16th century.

However, the biggest breakthrough took place in the beginning of 1900, when substantial ore deposits were discovered inside a hill near Outokumpu.


One of the Most Attractive Mining Locations

Geological Data in Excellent Order

Finland is one of the few countries in the world that have been completely mapped geophysically. The unique geodata gathered over decades makes Finland an easy country to explore.

Unique Deposits and Resources

Finland is rich in natural resources – even unique in some. Finland is the only EU country with significant phosphorus production and notable mapped resources. From copper to gold, nickel, chromite, silver and lithium deposits, we have a lot to offer and to explore.

Mining-friendly Atmosphere

Finland is one of the world’s safest and most secure countries for mining investment. Finland is consistently rated among the top countries for mining policy and the clarity of its legislation.

Vast Areas of Expertise in Green Mining

Finland is a fairly small country in terms of population, but there are over 200 Finnish companies that offer services, products and consulting for the Mining sector – and excel especially in sustainable and high productivity solutions. This makes us a big player on the green fields of the mining industry.

Sustainable Technology and Services

Finland has a clear national strategy to promote intelligent and sustainable mining. The general target is to improve resource efficiency, promote domestic growth and wellbeing, offer solutions for global challenges faced by the minerals chain, and mitigate damage to the environment.


Finland has a high educational level and engineering know-how, which is reflected in the global scale of Finnish mining technology companies.

7 universities offer geology or mining process technology education & research

3 universities of applied sciences offering mining education

10+ vocational schools and adult educational institutions offer studies in mining

Finnish Mining Community


The Geological Survey of Finland serves as a national geo-scientific information center and provides data, testing and consulting services on the mineral deposits in Finland and abroad.

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The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, administers mining permits and licenses.

(270) 985-9400

Finnish Industry Investment LTD

State-owned Finnish Industry Investment Ltd partners with private investors, funding small to large mining operations and suppliers in the mining cluster.

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Export Finland

Export Finland promotes international business operations, and identifies potential opportunities, partners, and networks for Finnish mining exporters.


Invest in Finland

Invest in Finland’s services for the mining industry cover all aspects of the investment process such as data collection, opportunity analysis, entry alternatives, networking and partner search.



The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, invests and partners in research for sustainable mining, pushing the frontiers in green mining technology.

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Ministry of Employment and the Economy

The government of Finland strongly promotes economic activities that are based on our diverse mineral resources and our expertise and innovation in the mining sector



The Finnish Mining Association, founded in 1999, is a promoting and cooperative organization for Finnish companies operating in the extractive industry.