Olof was distressed.

Conrad helped me to carry the trunk.

I'd rather be dead than red.

Let's race to the pub!


All the way to the end, "Suresh and Claire" was a hopeless and depressing story.


I take a shower every day.

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This place has a mysterious atmosphere to it.

Al goes for a walk every afternoon.

We don't go to school on Shabbat.

I'm a married man.

Florian and Boyce are in trouble.

He is an energetic politician.

After authenticating,this people's ideology is not healthy.

It's been almost three months since I've moved here.

I'll call you up later.


She brought a cup of tea to me.

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Jack asked me to meet him here.

I sent an e-card for a friend whose birthday is today.

Just make sure you talk to them.

Written in French, this book is not easy to read.

I vouch for his sincerity.

It's a complete disaster!

Let's sit here on this bench.

Try to look like you're having fun.

The way to protect yourself and your family from being adversely affected by television is to be more selective of the programmes you watch.


Lenny gave Miles a big kiss.


I'm going to have fun.


She fitted me out with the money.

That's the first option.

He gets up as early as five every morning.

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Is your watch right?

The members decreased by 50 to 400.

Malcolm wasn't an especially good student in high school.

What did you do there?

We've nearly finished preparations. How about taking a nap?


Is Mr Sato good at literature?

I got really busy.

Darrell was well aware of Kee's domestic problems.


Mohammad was raised in Boston.


Nobody told me what time I should come.

I'm sorry, I can't help you with that.

I think it's time to do my homework.

The customer is not always right.

Cris is taking his time.


Having no will is the worst handicap.

Raymond is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

She has a comfortable income.


It was as gloomy inside the mansion as the sunlight was dazzling outside.

I would like to thank you in advance for the information.

These patterns show you how to make sentences.


Why are they doing this?


We have a small chance to win.

Wayne took her time choosing a dress even though Jarvis was waiting for her.

Money is not to be treated lightly. It is like toilet paper: when you need it, you need it badly.

She started crying, and I did too.

Let's see if Alex can help us.

No one from Owen's family attended the wedding.

That is my sister's camera.

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The day after tomorrow is Marina's birthday.

Why would I want to have anything to do with this?

I wrote the note.

Oomoto can be included among the new religions of Japan.

Why won't you help?

I wasn't aware that Tait was sick.

She took copious notes.


That's not what I said.


I have a bad feeling about this.


My big sister wants to kill me.

Eve gave Adam the apple of knowledge.

This is a picture of Gail's family.

I didn't unlock that door.

Native Americans are the indigenous peoples of the United States.


Nancy invited him to a party.


Keith is from the same village that I'm from.

Frank is in jail.

Two families live in that house.

He is a lion at home and a mouse outside.

The girl is lonely.


She was uncommonly witty and charming.

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I convinced Amigo to go with us.

The president of this country is eloquent.

Rodger certainly is aware that Shaw is in the hospital.


Everything happens very quickly around here.


Are you free for dinner tonight?

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The complaint was dismissed.


Keep this insect alive.

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I hate that thing.

They're eggs.

I told him not to be late again.

With respect to native speakers, what are the three most widely spoken languages in the world?

Pilot is a woman of dubious virtue.

I think it's cruel to keep a cat indoors.

I like to sit in the front of the bus.


The equator divides the earth into two hemispheres.


I gave my hat a brush.

He was brought up to be a doctor.

Can you forgive us?

We had a fight.

Good company in a journey is worth a coach.


Do you feel like having a bite to eat?

My suitcase was lost.

How do you like that?

Have you ever understood something of what he says?

Let's keep it private.

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The old men like to meet on the street corner just to shoot the bull.


Mehrdad started to descend the stairs.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Check your answers carefully.

My father took us to the zoo.

I've got lots of other things to do too.

Isaac is drinking champagne.

Ethan is my old college roommate.

I won't forgive her.

You're crazy or what?

He stood with his legs wide apart.

It is spelled the same in both languages.


The situation is under control.

The truck cut in front of my car.

Why didn't someone help us?


There is nothing exciting about the special forces. You just learn how to suffer and there is nothing good in that.

He did it for himself, not for me.

He was incautious in regard to the decision.


I take that back.

The right channel on my tape deck went out.

You'll need to wait at least three hours.

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War arouses the animal in man.

He got very angry, for she refused to follow his advice.

Many questions came up about the quality of the new product.

Tell me you didn't see that coming.

That's true enough.

I don't like oysters.

It's raining hard outside.

I still want to talk to you.

It's very dead around here in the summer.

Please tell me who some of the famous musicians in your country are.

One old man came to Jackson from Albany, New York.

I'm sure it would be a mistake to tell Andrew.

I tried running.

I asked Romain if he knew anybody who taught French.

I need someone who's trustworthy.

Why was the door locked?

Edward is younger than Robert.

I informed her of my arrival.

Playing music to me is like reading a book.

Just lie still.

They're red.

I'm not leaving until you tell me where I can find Peggy.

Rafael is not yet able to swim.


I never should've bought that.

What do they call you?

Do you want to tell me who they are?


Blayne hasn't cleaned his room yet.


We know they'll come.

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It must be a nightmare to clean this place.

Nothing else remains to be done.

The senior citizens' spirits were high in spite of the bad weather.

He came hoping to meet you.

I need to get you to a doctor.