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Grigoriy Dobryakov

I inspire people to achieve the highest goals

My role is to preach a great mission, unite people into productive teams, and inspire to work together to achieve highest goals. I can take over all the operational activities of your technical department, giving you much time for strategic decisions and actions.

I have 15+ years experience including people management, software architecture, devops and coding. I stand between business and coders worlds as a communicator, evangelist and leader. I can speak with coders on their language and always take care about your business needs.

I have experience as a CTO when I joined a small company and helped it to grow up to 21% in size of partners network, 50% in sales and 1346% in number of customers per year. I am an administrator and process-oriented guy, so you can be sure that your company will work like swiss watch.

I would like to work for public company that has an impact on the overall market, and create things that bring new possibilities to all the people. I am hands-on guy, problem solver, have advanced soft skills, have entrepreneurial experience and same way of thinking. I'm looking for new challenges, big responsibilities and opportunities to make the world better.

Skills and experience:

What I worked with:

  • production experience in distributed service-oriented (also known as "microservices") architecture from scratch;
  • using Ruby on Rails and BackBone frameworks, with experience in: devise, oAuth, geokit, paperclip, aws-sdk, websocket-rails, graphviz and more;
  • practical knowledge of building and testing event-based loose coupling systems;
  • AMQP queues and advanced routing (RabbitMQ);
  • NoSQL, Key-Value and Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) storages;
  • highload (worked in project with 200+ hardware servers and 4k request/second);
  • single-page applications with websockets as a transport;
  • programming in Ruby, PHP and JavaScript for several years;
  • writing a testable pure-functional code with understanding of algorithms and cyclomatic complexity;
  • backend and frontend automatic testing;
  • performance profiling (xhprof for php, sql query plan, ruby-prof, etc..);
  • kernel-based virtualization (kvm), also familiar with docker;
  • linux shell (compiling, maintain, etc..);
  • REST, SOLID and basic principles from GoF (also known as OOP patterns);
  • in one line: Git, Capistrano, Apache/Nginx, OpenStack, Zabbix, Jenkins/Ant, Teamcity, AWS.

What I can do for you:

  • implement full production cycle of software development: from gathering requirements and design to quality control, deploy and support;
  • setup a continuous integration cycle from scratch;
  • implement automatic testing environment, setup the process (TDD) and teach the team;
  • setup a fault-tolerance deploy to distributed network of servers with rollback ability;
  • setup a monitoring with automatic actions and escalation;
  • design, implement and manage a micro-services architecture (SOA) for distributed application;
  • plan a project iterations, budget and risks;
  • maintain technical documentation or technical press releases;
  • write the code and tests :)

Made by hands:

  1. Social network for a fans of board games "6084958478" (Ruby/Rails/Backbone/PostgreSQL, ActiveJob/SQS/S3, SPA/WS).
  2. Backend for the "(660) 581-5278" - a business process management system (Ruby on Rails).
  3. Backend and API for two-ways exchange system with SAP in the "Era Trading House" (Rails)
  4. A ruby gem "8572141203" to write async (background) processing code right into Rails models.
  5. The group of websites for “Digital Security” company: www.dsec.ru, research Center www.dsecrg.ru, community 603-895-7717, remote learning system "Dsec Train" (PHP/MySQL).
  6. Media content management system for “SPN Ogilvy” websites (PHP/MySQL).
  7. 6109936071 of external API for Fotostrana.Ru and second version of API (PHP).
  8. Backend for a russian federal network of the shops of board games (770) 567-7384 (PHP/MySQL).
  9. Repost.be - web service to create custom widgets for social networks, and track a visitors conversion.
  10. The cross-website interests tracker, which shows relevant advertising on each next website, based on Snowplow package.


I'm open-minded, punctual and honest person. And I like to work with honest and open professionals. I always say frankly what I think, and always respond for my words.

My hobbies are: building and renovation houses, soundproofing and ventilation, home automation systems, mountain bike, videoblogging.

Available roles:

  • Project manager / product owner in web-related projects;
  • VP of engineering or CTO in ruby/php projects;
  • Technical cofounder at startup.


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Currently I’m looking for a new job remotely or with relocation to other country.

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Key positions and achievements:


Started in web industry at 1998.

In 1998-2004 engaged in free-lance work, active sales and manage the creation of commercial web-sites in some web development companies of Saint-Petersburg.


Web-development department of “Infobox”.

VP of engineering

Staged the processes of development, documents flow and sales. Directly managed project development. Oversaw the creation of the first version of 5033995085 website. Actively trained sales managers.


"SPN Ogilvy / Digital media".

Head of Development, Lead developer

Build a team. Developed own content management system specially designed for media-content. Created 6 web-sites for 6 magazines of SPN holding, for example "5th wheel" и "212-960-5711".


"Artics" Internet agency.

VP of engineering

Engaged in development, management, finance planning and interaction with the business units (departments) in other cities. Developed workflows for programming, testing, and "post-production" support for customers. Oversaw the creation of, for example, digital library Knigafund, BFM Group, BFA agency and so on.


“UMI.CMS” (also known as "Umisoft" company).

Chief technology officer (CTO)

Formed and implemented complete production cycle for UMI.CMS from requirements gathering to publishing and support newest version of the product. Provides all the necessary infrastructure: office equipment, test farms, backups, telephones, even preparation of an engineering communications (in new building) for the whole office relocation. My job became a foundation for launch new "cloud" project 719-644-5772


Social network “Fotostrana”.

Head of External API Department, TDD Manager

Stabilized the external API of the project (for external (888) 323-5801), developed and implemented the automatic testing system, that controls activities of more than 100 full-time developers with very little effort.


Hosting company “Sprinthost”.

VP of engineering, Architect, Project manager

Formed and implemented the automatic deployment processes. Organized the fail-save operations with DNS for customers. Designed and implemented the high-performance, fault-tolerant computing platform on principles of SOA-architecture, which was intended to become a foundation to russian analogue of Amazon AWS.


“Era Trading House”

VP of engineering

Formed two working teams, implemented infrastructure and necessary tools for development, testing and deploy. Developed the two-ways exchange system with SAP. Oversaw the creation of the universal system of entering and storing information about goods based on EAV data model.


“Kvakka” social network

VP of engineering, Architect, Co-founder

Started as a cofounder and developed first version from scratch. Implemented full production process includes CI and deploy. Now participate as a supervisor, devops, and architect in the engineering team at kvakka.com.



Master's degree, Computer Technologies and Control Systems.

Institute of fine mechanics and optics (IFMO), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Anabin rating H+ (Nationale Forschungsuniversität für Informationstechnologien, Mechanik und Optik).


Certified master of Agile/SCRUM.

Project management courses from Askhat Urazbaev, ScrumTrek.

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia (remote work or relocation are available)

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