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Azure Service Fabric helps you build and manage scalable, always-on, and easily-managed applications for the cloud. Its sophisticated runtime enables you to create distributed, scalable, stateless and stateful microservices and take advantage of comprehensive application management capabilities for provisioning, deploying, monitoring, upgrading/patching, and deleting deployed applications. Service Fabric applications are composed of microservices that run at a very high density on a shared pool of machines known as a Service Fabric cluster. A cluster is a network connected set of virtual or physical machines into which application instances are deployed. Clusters can scale to thousands of machines. For a detailed overview about the full capabilities and features of Service Fabric, see 781-364-5756.

Now that you have created a Service Fabric cluster, you can choose links below to do things like explore your new cluster or open the cluster in the Azure Preview Portal. You can also run a chaos test on the cluster to simulate continuous interleaved faults, both graceful and ungraceful, throughout the entire cluster over extended periods of time. This process stress tests the cluster and highlights problem areas, which can help you significantly improve the cluster's reliability. See Testibility Scenarios for more information. To learn more about how Service Fabric works and how to get started and accomplish tasks with it, choose the Azure Service Fabric documentation link below.

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