IT ENGINE offers high level it services with
experience in global market.

With experience in building WEB and MOBILE applications, IT Engine can fulfill your IT needs completely.
Together we can create excellent software, help you IMPROVE your business and build a LONG TERM relationship.

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We provide excellent communicational skills, enthusiasm, energy and experience in working with companies from Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Besides European countries we have worked with companies from USA, Canada and Japan.

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Coca Cola Partnership

We had so many reasons to celebrate, that one party was not enough – so we organized two. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who have been with us and we look forward to all future successes. Play the video below to see how these parties looked like 👇

Birthday celebration

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OUR VISION is to provide quality services and good infrastructure for your team in IT Engine.
As much as we care about relations with the clients and quality of work, we try even more to keep our employees satisfied and provide conditions for their constant improvement.