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I wish it was that simple.

This statement is false: I go to the market because the car is broken.

You've started warming up.

Do you have time to eat lunch with me?

The major result from recent investigations of Emmet's theory has been that it can be applied to biochemistry as well.

It's over three kilometers from here.

The doctor performed the operation.

This sentence is not in Polish.

Pratapwant never wanted to see Ima again.

Will you listen to me for a few minutes?

The fare you pay depends on the number of zones in which you travel.

She and I are Brazilian.

You don't seem very satisfied.


My father has a cup of coffee every day.

I like to walk.

That book on kabuki might be expensive.

We'll take them with us.

How can this be true?

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My brother is watching TV.

The old man gave her a small doll.

Was anyone in the room?

When Eugene went to cook dinner, she found that her potatoes had sprouted in the cupboard.

Jihadis are capable of beheading civilians, murdering children and raping defenceless women, but when it comes to fighting a military force they don't want to know, and they come back here to their comfortable homes with their tails between their legs.

He failed in his attempt to swim across the river.

The student raised his hand.

Vladimir approached.

Nobody noticed her absence.

TV is harmful in that it keeps your mind in a passive state.

I'm not a politician.

I've got to go and get them.

How much rent do you pay?

France and Britain joined the invasion.

The answer was very obvious.


You ought to have done something.

It doesn't go far enough.

Speaking English is useful.


Human history is in essence a history of ideas.


Carol will have left for London by eight tomorrow.

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You've got a big day tomorrow.

Is there anything that you want to tell me?

What is on Channel 10?


Some people started dancing.

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Maarten had the same problems.

Can you help us?

The baker's is next door to the butcher's.

I told you I don't know.

Dan left his violin at school.

You've got to help us.

Tell me when to begin.


Are you blackmailing me?

Excitement is not good for a man of my age.

I'll bring him home.


Want to grab a drink on the way home?


Have him do it.


The bathroom is upstairs.

I wouldn't want to go there if I were you.

Father always says, "Do your best."


This paper is white.

The street is full of activity.

Let's concentrate on the future.


My level of Japanese is weak, so I can't write well.

Think has a blue car.

Two years ago, this gentleman worked as a physicist.

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I think everybody's hungry.


I'll be able to see him next year.

Maybe I don't want to know.

Spock has been singing that same song all day.

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Not all species of spiders are poisonous.


I would like to do a course in Arabic.

This is the hard truth.

It was pretty dark under the bridge.


Starting tomorrow, it's going to snow for a week.

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Dwayne uses his Playstation 3 as a Blu-ray player.

This detergent works like magic.

Welcome home.

In my head it's all perfectly clear.

Lynne also was very serious.

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Roberto is willing to lend us three thousand dollars.


Prevent him from going.


I don't want to sit next to Jarvis tonight.

If you really want a challenge, you should try windsurfing.

You look anxious, what's happened?

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If you climb up this mountain, you'll reach the lab.

My father is not really in favor of our marriage, because John still has no job.

I feel kind of sorry for him.


Japan began to import rice from the United States.


Stewart just moved into a new apartment.

The Shinkansen from Hakata pulled in just on time.

You have to go on living.

She's getting married next month.

I made sure to not let her do such a thing again.

I'm glad I'm not you.

Manolis moved here a few months ago from Boston.


The factory is running at full capacity.


There are people which have been given to taste only poison, to which any surprise is a hurtful one and any acquaintance becomes a new torture opportunity.

The old woman was collecting firewood in the forest.

High school is not enough.

It's Thursday today.

Murray has done very well.


Typical girl talk!

She terrified him.

Give me three months.

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He came down with a cold and had to be away from work.

Benjamin is opening that old truck.

Sherman doesn't think he is up to the job.

Get away!

This novel is fun and enjoyable.

She looks happy on hearing the news.

I accidentally spilled the milk.

The pie that Christophe made was delicious.

None of us have met her.


Out in the forest stood a pretty little Fir Tree.

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Even Susanne knew that.

Sehyo told me a lot of things other people wouldn't tell me.

We'll need it.

He really loves beer and gets drunk every day.

When Shadow and I were in Boston, we visited Paula.

Where do you see him?

The finale was so good, that I rewatched it many times.

Jayesh is the best employee we've ever had.

You should ask your father for his advice and follow it.

When will you live in Sanda next year?

I was the referee that evening.

The postman delivers letters every morning.

Stuart said I was to wait.

Paul's family spends the summer at the coast every year.

The walls are made from drywall.

I asked Emmett if he understood.

Everybody agrees.


He vividly depicted the confusion following the earthquake.


I don't really watch TV.

Saul's handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.

The price of this tie is too high.

We're going back to square one.

Download and install the application.

Val is always so busy.

Lars didn't say anything important.

The man they're talking about has been dead for a long time.

I don't think Mahesh will want to go with us.


In your reckoning, what accounts for these phenomena?

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No one noticed her absence until the end of the meeting.


Fred couldn't believe what she was hearing.


Find out all you can about her.

You're being watched.

I'm going to my grandmother's.

Do you use aftershave?

At that time, he pointed out every single pronunciation mistake I made, no matter how small it was. It was annoying. Especially in front of other people.

I know a guy who goes fishing almost every weekend.

Why are you crying? It's just a movie.

Germany's minimum wage is 8.50 euros an hour.

Let's find out what Takayuki is going to do.

That's unusual, isn't it?

I'm afraid that's not possible.

We bought the apartment a few years ago.

They stripped the tree of its bark.

Shannon tried to save Ginny's life.

You said that Cathryn was alive.


His mouth went dry.

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This dog was born two months ago.