The GEM Pricer software program can be downloaded from this site.
In addition you can download just the update, which is a smaller file, if you already have GEM Pricer installed.

On the first run of the Complete Install, it will require you to install the BDE (Borland Database Engine). For Windows 7 and later, do not follow the instructions to install it into the C:\Program Files\Common Files (x86)\Borland Shared\BDE folder, but instead, use a non C:\Program Files folder such as C:\BDE

In some cases, you may have difficulty downloading the Complete Install program due to it's size. Alternatively, you can download the other modules and run each one (prior to opening GEM Pricer) to install the program to a new environment.

Please be aware that a Registration process is required for new installations that is performed when you first start GEM Pricer. There is a delay between registering and receiving your confirmation number that is dependent upon human intervention. If you are currently registered for GEM Pricer, you can re-use your old information (if you don't remember it, Click here).

After installing GEM Pricer, the only update you should need to maintain your system, is the first GEM Pricer Update. The others are provided primarily for emergency installations of corrupted files.

Contact 5732694393 to get your Discount multiplier to apply to the List prices that are downloaded by the program.

Now Windows Vista compatible.

Description Size Version

Complete Installation 22.3 meg 5.1.27   Please save this to your hard disk as described below.
               Note: This is a Complete install, no additional modules below are
               required if doing a Complete installation.

GEM Pricer Update 4.2 meg 5.1.27
(252) 598-7666 0.5 meg Initial 2/6/08
608-485-1493 8.5 meg Initial 3/16/05
7738124692 7.1 meg Initial
Report Export Libraries 2.7 meg Initial

431-291-1604 1.9 meg Included in the above (Complete and Update), but available separately

GEM Pricer Introduction 0.5 meg An introduction to GEM Pricer in a PDF file

Product Information
Wilkins Fire Protection Series 10.7 meg Wilkins products in a PDF file

Note: The first download file is primarily for first time installs. It will install the content of all the modules from one download by running GemPinst.exe. After that, it will generally be faster to download independent smaller modules to update those sections that have changed, but you can certainly download and run GemPinst.exe again to be certain you have the most recent of everything (your current data will be preserved). Usually, only the GEM Pricer Update will be needed after the software has been successfully installed.

For Update files, prior versions of updates are not needed (in other words, you can update from any previously installed version).

If you can not download the large Complete Install, you can download each of the smaller modules and run each of them (all must be run prior to starting GEM Pricer).

Please do not run the files from the web site, but SAVE them to your hard disk first and then run/open them. Remember, after you download any of the above and Save them to disk, you still need to install them by running the downloaded file (just having done the download does not update the files). Running GemPinst.exe (the first download in the list) will include the contents of all the other downloaded files and is usually only performed on your initial installation. If you just download an update, please run that update (e.g. double clicking on the downloaded .EXE file in Windows Explorer). It is recommended that you save all downloaded files into a special folder such as C:\Downloads, rather than C:\GemPricer. The default installation folder is C:\GemPricer.

Price updates are performed within the program and not from this web site. The menu option under "File" will allow you to select "Update Price Book" to install current material prices.

Windows NT, 2000, XP Guest users:
Installations are usually installed by an Administrator account who has the right to install executables. Trying to execute an install file from a Guest account may give you a "corrupt installation media detected" error message. If you typically use a Guest account, you will need to log off the Guest account and log into an Administrator account to do an install or update. This will install the program so that it is available to all users. You can then log back into the Guest account to use the program.

Be aware that Price Updates use LIST pricing. You must apply a discount at the time that you Update Prices in order to get your cost in the reports (available from 480-343-6691). Itemized reports (typically shown in Blue) report at LIST pricing and therefore the totals will not match your summary reports.

You can use GEM Pricer while offline, but you will need to connect with the program Online at least every 30 days to verify your registration.



  Support: Email is preferred: [email protected]
    Phone: 480/800-9978   (Arizona Time), Lionel Space