Tomorrow I am going to the countryside by my car.

We want to fix that.

Give him a call.

Cold-war tension has mounted.

And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in the United States. The heartache and the hope, the struggle and the progress. The times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that US creed: Yes, we can.

They carpool together.

You look ill. Are you?

Do you know what PDF stands for?

What gave him that idea?

Once upon a time, there was a chicken with a crispbread.

What do you think of your own face?

Clara couldn't figure it out.

It's time you stopped watching television.

I have to go see him.

He was subjected to insult.

The key question is not what can I gain but what do I have to lose.

Tollefsen saw a mouse.

They appointed Jim manager.


I am going to apply for a visa today.

Put some clothes on.

This is all new to me.

Morton drove Tommy to school.

Isaac never told anyone.


Matthew has an emergency that has to be dealt with.

I can't hide out forever.

Pia probably went to Elliott's.

Should I bring something to read?

Hirotoshi is being very secretive.

What do you want to say?

The actress on the stage was heavily made up.

I'll lend you any book that I have, as long as you keep it clean.

The fork is dirty.


He knows how to whistle.

Everybody has worked so hard.

Naoto says he needs to talk to you.


Loyd and Leila are both very conservative.

The Second Solar System War devastated the home planet.

I caught the man stealing the money.

When Christian heard his favourite song on the radio, he just had to sing along.

Can we meet somewhere?


I know her by sight, but I've never spoken to her.

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The number you have called is not in service.


Ken, who is a graduate student, went to the United States last year.


Pilot didn't eat lunch with us.

I'm sure you've heard about the fire.

It's a gimmick.

When was the last time you baked a cake?

We'll call if we have any further questions.

He isn't at home, is he?

Our English teacher is both strict and kind.


Treatment will begin tomorrow.

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The black and white dog bit me.

Sonja is going to love it here.

I'm not sure I agree with you.

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I offered 30% less than the asking price.


Joon is positive that Kristian is wrong.


Politics leaves him cold.


Vistlik and Holly sat at a small table in the garden playing chess.

Ernie didn't know how to cope with the problem.

I was not prepared for this scene.

She wants to look cute and trendy.

The elevator doors wouldn't open.

How far is it from here to Hakata?

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

He boosted her into the job.

Matthieu paid me.

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The doctor told me to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.

It's close to ten o'clock. It's about time we went to bed.

Thinking of it made a chill run up my spine.

Hurry up and go to bed.

I bet he doesn't make it.


Don't smoke again in the toilet!


Are you organized?

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You played tennis yesterday.


There is no furniture left in the room.

Ukrainian girls are the prettiest in the world.

I had Mechael in the palm of my hand.


See what the problem is, OK?

I should've known that sooner.

It's as easy as that.

He is most likely to succeed.

Mayo made mistakes.

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I can sleep on the sofa.


Why can't you be more like your older sister?

Moderate exercise will refresh both mind and body.

She's just putting up a front.

Leave it right where it is.

I will be happy to assist whoever needs help.

Were you aware of that?

What's that you've got there?

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I can't stop thinking about what they did to me.

I thought Anna was here to stay.

We will bury you.

I can't help laughing at her.

We can move it by ourselves.

Vishal has had a little too much to drink.

Harry knows the terminology.

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Jupiter's powerful magnetic field is thought to be generated by the electric currents produced by pressurized hydrogen in the mantle.

The first day of the year began with noise.

Who do we see next?

I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

There will come a day when you regret it.

Eva was married to Lynnette.

Return this.

I've memorized the model number of the charger.

That woman is much older than I.

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He was disqualified from taking part in the contest.

Mitchell wants evidence.

Payment is required in advance.

I'm afraid he is ill.

Jeannette may not come here tomorrow.


Unity, justice and freedom are the pledge of fortune.


How about going to a disco this weekend?

I'm always busy these days.

The photograph brought back memories of my childhood.


Joshua seems stunned.

Kasai was credited with 30 saves.

I'm sure that Sugih will ask Vidhyanath to go to the concert with him.


I dare you to say that again.

I think Ed is miserable.

She likes me and I like her too.


I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask.


I admit you've been a great help to me.

Omar cut his finger on a piece of glass.

You look better today.

You are a good mother.

How will you dispose of this problem?

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We know how to handle them.

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There is a large house on the hill.

To all appearance it is true.

They said something about it, but I couldn't really understand them.


He only spoke German.


Will I manage to learn all the grammar topics in time for my German exam tomorrow?

Your birthday is drawing near.

They were amazed at his courage.

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Don't go above five rubles.


Melanoma's ABCDE stands for: Asymmetry, irregular borders, changing color, great diameter, and elevation above the skin.


I never get tired of that.

My advice is to adopt a new line.

Sofia is wearing a short-sleeve shirt today.

Giovanni always seems to be out of town.

You need to get your hair cut.

Emma took all my money.

Today is a very special day.

I'll help him.

I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.


On Purim people eat Haman's Ears.

Alberto wants you fired.

His extravagance is out of proportion to his wage.

We can not dispense with sleep for too many days.

Vistlik knew that he wouldn't be able to do what Luke wanted him to do.


Language is the symbol of a nation's existence.

Charles may eat whatever he wants to.

We argued over this silly thing.


Thanks to you, I have problems with my blood pressure.

I don't think Alexis will be at school tomorrow.

I bought it with my hard-earned money.

Knowledge has been passed down to subsequent generation.

Ric said he would do it himself.