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Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain

Computer pieces are all binary, with a price of 0 or 1. Neurons within the brain can get a variety of conditions that are different, based on the input that they have received. This allows the brain to process information in a manner when compared to a computer. University of
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All museums can be Human Rights museums: ICOM COMCOL 2018

By the 25th to the 29th of September, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights hosted the annual Summit of the ICOM International Committee for Collecting, ICOM COMCOL, in collaboration with the Federation of International Human Rights Museums (FIHRM). The subject chosen for that event had been"Contemporary Collections: Contested and Powerful".
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Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression

After Jamal was reported missing from Istanbul, I got that this column from the translator and assistant the afternoon of Jamal Khashoggi. The Post held off publishing it as we expected that he and I will edit it all together Jamal would come back to us. Today I have to
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Journalist and film maker Maziar Bahari can be an Iranian exile who returned on assignment for Newsweek to his country to be tortured and detained. His story was included in Jon Stewart's film rose-water. After his release, chose to continue empowering terrorists in 2014 Bahari founded, which has the

UNESCO Damage assessment mission to the region of Kermanshah