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This is one of the most uncertain times in history.

At Alden Global, we'll help you safely navigate beyond the current economic climate to accomplish your long-term investment goals through vision, experience and dedication - the touchstones of our business. We offer consulting services for buying and selling businesses, and investment properties, and will guide you to buy and sell the right assets at the right time.

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The economic failures of national governments, the decline of traditional manufacturing sectors, outsourcing of jobs, and the impact of emerging new technologies are creating uncertainty in this time of profound global change. But the current economic environment is also creating investment opportunities for buying businesses and land, that can lead to a more economically sustainable world. Moving production offshore to Asia–Pacific countries helps the bottom line of many multinational corporations. But it creates job losses and hardships in western nations. 
Meanwhile, workers in Asian countries seldom see the benefits of these massive investments.
A few may have improved living standards, but many still continue to live in poverty, and in an environment that is becoming more polluted. Private investors can play a role in reversing these sad trends through ethical investments in land, income properties, and small businesses. These investments create jobs to replace the ones lost in communities whose manufacturing sectors have moved offshore. They create new opportunities for immigrants re-settling in these countries and buying existing businesses and income properties. And they create a return on investment that brings a broader social benefit to communities the world over.  

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