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I've lived here my whole life.

They came rowing towards shore in a rowboat.

On crowded buses young people should give their seats to old people.

Merat hurt Boyd's feelings.

An honest farmer had once a donkey that had been a faithful servant to him a great many years, but was now growing old and every day more and more unfit for work.

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Jack is capable of almost anything.

I hope it rains tomorrow.

Imports exceeded exports last year.

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Lar drives to work.

Wouldn't you agree, Shaw?

We take risks.


The reporter learned about war at first hand.


In case I am late, you don't have to wait for me.

Actually, that boy that you saw was a girl.

Donald didn't want any of his friends to know that he was a drug dealer.


The rooms in this hotel are really very bad at muffling sounds. I can hear my neighbor chewing his gum!


You're going in the wrong direction.

Laurie is the baby of the family.

It's still dark outside.

She plays tennis in the morning.

The way she speaks gets on my nerves.


I've moved a lot.

She didn't come after all.

What happened to Alf's parents?


He told everyone.

Is it far?

Lord, guard and guide us today!


What exactly attracted you to Varda?


Nobody reads about my country.

My son lives in a distant place.

Please don't leave me now.

Dewey is very proud of both his son and his daughter.

The game has been postponed.

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The novel "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque has been translated into more than fifty languages.

Get her away from me.

Mireille Mathieu is one of France's best singers.

I told Claire to leave it alone.

This organization cannot exist without you.

They'll be waiting.

He behaved like a father to me.

Don't be so disgusting.

I have a good feeling about this.


Two of a kind.

I'm here every night.

I think you're the only one who needs help.

Ronald was 13 at the time.

So far does anyone have any question?

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Pierce talks to me every day.

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Mr Williams carries that section.

I wasn't sure about that.

Sofia is bossy.


Gil speaks French so badly that he is often misunderstood.


He is seeking a job.

Yvonne asked all the right questions.

It is best to use plastic chopsticks to eat and wash later, instead of using disposable chopsticks.

Our exchange students are leaving Japan next week.

I don't want to do it because it's dangerous and it's stupid.


Where did you buy this nail polish?

How can you tolerate that rude fellow?

Why was the door locked?

One is never too old to learn.

Your car was washed by Ken.

I don't mind the attention.

Rose is a loving and caring lady.


Do you understand how serious this is?


You should go to Boston with me.


They were not able to respect their new lord.

Mr Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.

Don't let her down now.


They're too late.

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Their way of thinking is old-fashioned.

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The room was dark and cold.

What time is sunrise?

They got thoroughly wet in the rain.

In 1969, the United States won when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon's surface.

You can hire a bicycle by the hour at this shop.

It is hard for the couple to live together any longer.

Of the bad one always hears more than of the good.

Do you want money?

The policeman spoke to a man on the street.

Maurice came out from where he was hiding.

Dan was very good at his job.

My watch gains ten minutes a day.

According to Belarusian laws, not having a portrait of President Lukashenko in one's apartment or house is punishable by the death penalty.

Can a city exist without having a culture of its own?

Don't smoke in the toilet.


When he took the exam, he tried hard but failed it.


Grandpa cannot hold urine anymore.


How many hours a day does Horst swim?

You're the sweetest.

The number of visitors to Singapore has increased year by year.

Kyle certainly fooled us all.

Your country is amazing!


The workers are striking.

Stevan bought a camera at a bargain sale.

I want to know who used to live here.

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I want to watch what's on TV right now.

He said to himself that he should go.

He bowed to his teacher.


That doesn't sound very promising.


I was kind of nervous.


I'd like to sing you a song.


Let me tell you something you need to know.

I tried to tell her.

Brent is an American, but he speaks Japanese as if it were his mother tongue.


I'm doing the speed limit.

We were just about to enter the room.

The author of the phrase prefers not to be identified.


I'm having some legal problems.

What do you learn Spanish for?

I want to go home and sleep.

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You didn't want me to starve, did you?

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I'm trying to do you a favour.


I don't eat any bread.

The safety card in the seat pocket contains the same information as the following safety demonstration.

I'm never late for school.


There she is.


They set up a tombstone over the grave overlooking the harbor.

Sooner begun, sooner done.

She will do it.

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He's the pest that, on last month's class-help day, escaped leaving me with all the work.

I saw how he crossed the road.

Nobody likes impolite salesmen.

He would not submit to his fate.

Today my brother marries my best friend.

Nici won't be here tomorrow. I guarantee you that much.

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?


No one would hurt him.


I have gone into all the details of this thing whether they seemed to me relevant or not.


River Suzhou is Shanghai's "mother river"; twisting and turning, it stretches across and flows through the city center.

That's a nice tie you're wearing.

Losses were heavy on both sides.


Did you know Rodney had a son?

Emily ate an apple.

Do you really think that Amanda will be able to help Sassan?


Lars doesn't come here that much.

We are looking for engineers.

I say this so that you understand.

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Ronni and Helen are from the same part of the country.


Put these pictures up us for wall, please.

You will play into their hands.

Step on the scale.


Let me buy bread.

The machine broke because he had not looked after it properly.

In the course of the twentieth century all this changed.


Rafael is now legally blind.

The motel can accommodate as many as 400 guests.

We were waiting on him for ten minutes.

Barney didn't know that he had terminal cancer.

Let's have a party for Rayan before he goes.