Brandi is driving a rental car.


It's not new.

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I see a plane flying over our house.

Is Takayuki going to go with us tomorrow?

What has happened to him?

The average man is bigger than I.

Francois stood back.

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This experience will be invaluable as a way of improving the way I study English.


I don't really like the way Mr. Jackson teaches.

Marc is very mean.

The old man was always looking back on the good old days.

Let's find out more about Dean.

Randall tried to impress Nicolo by driving very fast.

Italy is a beautiful country.

I have nothing else to study.

For the time being, I don't have a plan.

I broke my arm when I was a child.

The more we spoil a child, the more problematic he will be.

Whales come under mammals.


Youth is wholly experimental.

Jarl is rich, successful and handsome.

George's grieving.


The matter was brought into court.

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Plastic said he'd give me a massage.

Maria left Vladimir after she found out she was just his second choice.

I don't care who you're going with.


Do you do any volunteer work?

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What is this thing used for?

Alison threatened to kill me.

The dog is after the fox.

Although this sentence has no grammatical mistakes, I think it would practically never be used.

Jelske took the drink away from Shutoku.

The remains of human cities dot the Earth.

I can't find my glasses.

Doyle sometimes makes dinner for us.

With the colour key program system, all colours are divided into two palettes, the "cool palette" and the "warm palette".


Let's congratulate them.

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Socrates was accused of atheism because he did not believe in Zeus.


We'll use what we have.


This is a special occasion.

Sassan was surprised to see Tim at school on Sunday.

Did the Bush administration cooperate with al-Qaida?

Have some more.

When you come to France, we will go to Marseille.

The oven in my house didn't run well today.

Come in. The door is open.


He's an attractive guy.

I can't believe that you kissed Jones.

Isn't there anything they can do?

Get off your horse.

Does anyone here speak Japanese?

I'm having difficulties.

The room was a complete mess.

The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.

I couldn't swear to it.

I think you should hold your horses a little.

If they are not free, please let me know how much the catalogue and the postage to Japan are.

She is HIV-infected.

You hired me, didn't you?

Is he coming home at six o'clock?

Teruyuki has tonsillitis.

I don't know why they have to do this every year.

She saw a snake.

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Tracy asked his boss for a pay raise.

Our success, after all, is due to his earnest efforts.

Let's try to get along.

Ofer hopes to visit Boston next summer.

Trey is trying to suppress a smile.

It always happens like this.

I will do it on condition that I am paid.

Winston is obviously very busy.

I called Jinny a fat pig.

Oh please, not so fast.

He clinched the election when he came out against a tax increase.

I can't tell you the truth.

Maybe you do, but I don't.


Are you feeling nauseated?

Welcome to San Francisco.

Me, too.

Everybody in the picture is smiling happily.

I know he did it.


His new book is planned to appear next month.

Someone may try to kill me again.

What do you think?

As a result of the car accident, the driver was severely injured, and the passanger died.

He left Japan at the end of the year.

He is one of the most famous singers in Japan.

Take your coat off, and make yourself at home.


You sure took your time.

I bought two loaves of bread.

This was too much for me.

Jordan paused and took a breath.

I'm not prepared to do this.

Root hasn't called you, has he?

If this does not obtain, we cannot say that the function is monotone increasing.

Let's not look for problems.

This film is a masterpiece.


You're not one of us, are you?

I forgot my telephone number.

The Bank of Tokyo amalgamated with the Mitsubishi Bank.

Teruyuki and Dana waved to each other.

Phill is going to be angry.

Dannie's my nephew.

I can't keep you here any longer.

The population of China is larger than that of India.

I can't believe Jon ate that.


They didn't offer me anything to eat.

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With pleasure.

Why not have dinner with us?

You'd better not come too close to me. I'm in a bad mood.

Jeff owns his own company.

Nathan made himself at home.

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We'd better do what they say.

If my mother were still alive, she would have helped me.

Linda likes eating chocolate.

"Do you want to play?" "I don't know how."

Don't worry about him, he's all words.

Draw me a sheep!

I recognized Carol's car.

A bit of juice, please.

She is reading a book in the library.

Watch out! A police spy is snooping around.

It's up to us to make sure Jagath doesn't do that.

Please tell them how sorry I am.

I just saw Tollefsen.

They all looked up.

I can already see that happening.


She was my first crush.

You have a plan, right?

The shot unleashed panic in the conference room.

These are beautiful bookcases.

They should thank him.

Emmett may have been here.

He must learn the alphabet.


St. Louis, Missouri is famous for the Gateway Arch and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

I'll give you my opinion.

Have you tried online dating?

I'm sure no one meant to blame you.

Allen left because he was sick.

They gave it their best.

We knew something had to be done.


Change your thoughts, and you will change your world.

It's a habit you can break.

Roberto never knew the difference.

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Look at that one there. He's such a lazy bum!

I think I lost my wallet.

You speak German, don't you?


What are some foods you usually eat with a knife and fork?

Ruth didn't want to believe me.

There is another factor, too, that children find it hard to understand.

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Dory's planning something special for Teruyuki's birthday.


There were no hats in that store that fit me.

I'd like to explain this in a little more detail.

I went into the army.

Is there some reason you don't want us to come?

I was scared to try new things.

Some men are very talented.

Terri doesn't plan to go to Boston with us.

There is no excuse for the way Isabelle acted at the party.

There's nothing worse than hunger.

Will you get me some salt at the grocer's?

Tuan should've told the truth.

Basketball is a team sport.

Earl made that decision as well.

She's not even really pretty.

You need to take this medicine three times a day.

She gave us a dour look when we suggested that she apologize.

"And what color do you want, white or black?" "Black, of course."

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The truth is I told a lie.