We sure ate a lot of hot dogs today. I never want to see another hot dog as long as I live.


One's new. The other's old.

Let me be your shelter.

Dannie moved into the underbrush.


I didn't punch her. My arm was just moving and her face was in the way.

Tyler doesn't know about this yet.

If you want to talk, let's talk.

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Bring them over.

Oh, I didn't know it was that close.

Can you play the piano?


Better be the head of a cat than the tail of a lion.


We saw the sun sink below the horizon.

I thought I had nothing to lose.

Why did he do that?

Pinocchio understood the answer and, unable to restrain his tears, he jumped on his father's neck and kissed him over and over.

He's a sore loser.


He took the wrong bus by mistake.


Donne asked Kenneth to help me.


Eat whatever you want.


You are an idiot to go out in this weather.

I deserve to be treated with respect.

Kurt wanted it.

Can I tell her about this?

He visited me every time he came up to Tokyo.

Louie doesn't need to know about that.

Lord! I object.


Have you found them yet?


Ti isn't your name, is it?


I saw Shinichi in Kakogawa yesterday.

He who seeketh horse or wife without flaws, may forsake his work and bear in mind that bed and stable forever empty he will keep.

It's not possible to get there by train.

Eddie described the scenes.

I feel I'm wasting my time here.

So there is a problem...

Choose a book carefully.

I really want it.

Every pupil was asked one question.

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.

He turned the key.

Black and white television sets have gone out of date.

I heard this sentence on the street about an hour ago.


What you say is true in a sense.

Change the channel!

Contact my son.

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Scot is a very private person.

How much do you want for all this stuff?

I told you Cyrus would love it.

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Linley wondered if Juri had been playing games all afternoon.

Interest rates will rise due to monetary tightening.

Gilles could do nothing but sit and wait.

A gardener takes care of the grounds.

I am studying several languages.

We don't get many visitors.

If life deals you lemons, make lemonade.

The one who finds it may keep it.

This new model of car is so popular.


This is where I absolutely disagree with you.

She refuses to listen to her mother.

I appreciate the lateness of the hour.


Doesn't he just get on your nerves?

Except for a few minor mistakes, your writing is good.

There is one less.


I cleaned up after the party.

I got angry.

He usually comes home late.


I met her on the eve of her departure.

Are we safe?

I can't order you to do this.


I wasn't the one who found Doug's keys.

Maybe you should talk to him.

We want to wish you and your family all the joys of a coming New Year.

John has been collecting stamps since he was a child.

There has been an explosive increase in the demand for labor.

Haven't I told you not to call me "Dylan"?

I'd urge caution.

He learned how to put a radio together.

Terri helped himself to another serving of mashed potatoes.


He is not a man to be trifled with.


I'm enjoying this.


These keys are not mine.


I don't like this camera.


In psychoanalysis, this voice is called the superego, which Freud conceived as the infantile internalizing of parental authority.

They bound his legs together.

We should make sopa paraguaya.

It wouldn't have happened without you.

Tony didn't really want to go out with Edmund.

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A person who drinks sugary drinks on a daily basis will consume up to 23 kilograms of sugar in a twelve month period.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

We aren't kids anymore.

TATOEBA could be an acronym in various languages: The All-inclusive Treasury Of Examples Beautifully Arranged.

The weather is changeable.

He teaches Arabic in the United States.

I see through you.

Despite everything she said to me, I can't stop thinking about her.

Maybe Mysore needs help.

There's a magazine in my room.

We lived in Boston for three years.

She is worried about her health.

Diane climbed over the fence.

I have spoken to you of earthy things.

I didn't expect to be here either.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger still know German?

Francis arrived at Galeao at six.


Her pockets were bulging with walnuts.

Before you can board the plane, you'll have to go through airport security checks.

There is a cherry tree in front of my house.

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When he got to the station, the train had already left.

The meeting had 12 attendees.

You shouldn't have let this happen.


Rudy can't be saved.

That's basically why I came.

He once sailed up the Thames.

Why is Wade hiding from them?

Why don't we go get them?

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After working all day, Lester was really tired.


I looked for them.


He thinks that blue is the most beautiful colour.

We have lots of bread, and as for butter, we have more than enough.

I'm not speaking to you.

Adlai and Felix got married in a Catholic church.

Mats walked past.

They have full confidence in their leader.

Josip likes adventure.


Srivatsan didn't tell me where he was going.

I'm very grateful for your sympathy.

Why are you asking me for my opinion?


You have to be outside something, able to experience it from a distance, before it makes sense.

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Immensity fills me with light.

I know you don't want to be killed.

This is all the money I have on me.

Try as she may, she is unable to beat him.

How many documents do you have to translate?

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Would you like to come?

You're not an innocent girl, are you?

Are we about to have a flame war?

Would you go to the prom with me?

He likes to play soccer.

I came to this country for the purpose of studying music.

Jacobson rocked back and forth in his chair.

He made an endeavor to improve the situation.

Ofer looked a little scared.

Hang on tight, things could get crazy.

They have sold the television.


Where did you improve them?

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So what do you want to do?

Watch your head!

I'm not arguing with that.

I know there's something here.

I'm not proud of my daughter.


What do I have to do to convince you?

Are you a Japanese citizen?

You boil water to cook eggs.

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One swallow does not a summer make.

She has a house by the sea.

I have no idea what this means.

I've been really fortunate.

Is it okay if I don't show up?

That is the house where he lives.

Laurel doesn't have to answer that question.