Tips for a great profile

Stumped on what to fill out on your page? We’ve all been there.

It’s hard to showcase your personality online. And the stakes are high — you want your applicants to know you’re more than just a pretty face. We’re here to help.

Here’s how you can make a great profile to have the best online Bachelor(ette) game.

1. Give a snapshot of who you are via your pictures.

We allow you to showcase 3 photos (if you want to showcase more, consider attaching your instagram).

We suggest including two of the following:

  • Headshot – Highlight your face. Professional headshots perform best, selfies worst. Face forward in your head shot. It may not be your best angle, but it’s the most realistic (sorry to break it to you).
  • Photo of you doing something you love – This can be anything from hiking to brunching to playing the piano. It showcases your personality.

Pictures speak a thousand words. Also fun fact: We support gifs! If you have a video of yourself you’d like to turn into a gif, you can convert it here.

2. Short but sweet introduction

Your introduction is a short summary of yourself and should start out describing your most prominent traits.

What are the three adjectives others would use to describe you? Here’s a few common ones:

  • Funny
  • Hard working
  • Free spirited
  • Creative
  • Intellectual

Show-case these traits. Name a fun fact, hobby, two truths & one lie, a favorite book, etc. Show you’re a multi-dimensional person. Feel free to talk about your job, but don’t make it the focus.

Here’s one of our favorite introductions.

3. Your life story

Only half kidding. But the background section is great for going into more detail about who you are and why you’re that person. This is a place to really show yourself off. Don’t be negative or snarky about yourself – confidence is attractive. We like sarcasm in real-life, but sometimes it doesn’t translate well online.

Some ideas of things to include:

  • Where you’re from
  • Why you chose your job
  • What your typical (or perfect) day is
  • How you got into your hobbies
  • Are you a morning or night person
  • Fun fact about yourself
  • Accomplishments in your life
  • What you want to learn
  • What you’re an expert in

This guy has a short but engaging introduction!

4. What you’re looking for/not looking for

Be upfront! You want to attract the right types of people. This can be anything from gender to whether you want to be monogamous or not.

Maybe you’re just looking for friends and your profile is of your dog, 215-444-9655. We don’t judge.

Remember to check your spelling and grammar. You might’ve just been careless, but people tend to be pessimistic and assume the worst. Don’t mix up your and you’re.

Wishing you luck. May the games begin.


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