Are you going to be all right?

I told her to come early.

If an email starts out, "Hi, I'm Sunshine," just delete the message without reading further.

I knew you had a girlfriend!


Throw her the ball.

My friend has a large family.

Jamie should be out of jail by now.

Swingers and swing dancers are different.

When did you go to Kyoto with your sister?

Do you think that's significant?

We thought it natural that he should get excited.

The conference was presided over by Mr Mori.

My father will travel abroad next year.

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Don't be a piece of shit.

What the fuck is your reasoning?

I feel amazing thanks to Kyung's special orange juice.

We import flour from America.

A tall tree projects its long shadow on the water.


What I like in this book most is its wonderful quotes, especially in the first part.


They offer an earnest prayer on the evening of December 24.

Liyuan's creative thinking nicely complemented Linley's organizational talents.

I never listen to him anyway.


My dog is very faithful.

There's something we haven't tried yet.

The spokesman explained the blueprint of the scheme to the press.


This computer is dying along with my interest in computers.

I read this in the newspaper.

Barry filled his glass and then filled one for Kathy.

Can you give motivation to people using the carrot and the stick?

A buried treasure was found inside the ancient tomb.

I've decided to leave Boston.

He excels in many sports.

I have a free spirit.

I'm very happy for you.


Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?


Choose a song and transcribe the lyrics.


Andrea won't take me seriously.

He was hit by lightning.

I am glad I was not born before tea.

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We're going to be here all afternoon.

I want you to meet my friend, Shane.

I know that she is pretty.

I was very surprised at the huge fish.

Klaudia doesn't have an alibi.


Tell Rabin I'll be there in a minute.


The fatal stabbing was sparked by an argument that got out of control.


I don't know much about John.

There was a light burning in the window.

Cristina sneaked out of the office.

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I didn't want to worry them.

Chris followed the two and cheerfully greeted Kate.

That's the place where I used to work.

Could you please not talk to me about cakes? I'm in the middle of a diet, and you're making me want one, you know!

We made inquiries into his past.

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May God give us a good day!


Miles has had quite a life.


Where was he going?

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Monty and Bert watched a movie.

I knew Kitty well.

The storm was at its worst.


Try to avoid overdoing it.


I need to make a telephone call.


You pay 10,000 yen a month as an insurance premium.

Without the key, she could not have entered the room.

Nicolas was the name he used.

Don't let him run.

Is it okay if I go for a walk?

There is an oven to bake bread in the kitchen.

I've known her for 13 years.

That star is visible to the naked eye.

I didn't lie to them.

His score on the test today is twice what he got yesterday.

Do you want to talk to him?


Your father is tall.


Russell is on duty now.

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Henry didn't have any family.

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I can perfectly handle a class of sixty students.


Send us your ideas.

Sharada likes you very much.

Harv is out of the race.


There's not enough room in here for both Harmon and Kieran.


Coming up next is "We are the world."

Are all doctors healthy?

I think you should tell Archie that you love him.

Why not let us try?

He spent his sixtieth birthday in the hospital.


It rained last week.


Vilhelm only reads paperback novels.


Drive slowly.


Kristi doesn't talk much anymore.

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Hello. May I speak to Danny, please?


We can utilize the resources of this vast region by distributing tasks among ourselves.


The plane flew at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

Do you recognize any of those men?

Does Jem need to come back here tomorrow?


Keep it secret!

I'm an old woman.

Do you want to argue again?


Someone's been very busy.

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He found it impossible to work any longer.

Morris is fairly ambitious, isn't he?

She is going to wash the bike this afternoon.

Take this.

Laura and Sarah are sisters of twelve and eight years respectively.

I'm not sure you can trust what he says.

I am tired of listening to his long speech.


There was nothing wrong with their ability, it was just that the expense for each unit was so vast that the cost performance was bad.

I just wish I could remember who I am.

They'll be back.

There was nothing interesting on TV, so I turned it off.

Claudia started to feel like his life wasn't worth living.

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I don't waste rounds.

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Don't argue with me.


Jay sent his daughter to bed without dinner.


He got upset and left.

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Our stock prices have gone down 30%.

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You can see it from here.


You must fulfill your promise without fail.

I just said what everyone else was thinking.

I love you, Millie!

How many buildings are there in this area?

Can you at least be happy for me?

Do you want to learn French?

Something is wrong with this calculator.

I asked Sal to watch my things.

I can never tell when you're kidding.


It's not quite certain.


I was in prison for three years.

I don't want to be your wife.

Harvey and Teri both wanted to be astronauts.

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They were kind enough to assist us.


He was supposed to call around ten o'clock.

Our teacher told us when to start.

My laptop has been running so slow lately.

I think you'd be surprised.

The city was overtaken by the jungle and disappeared.


You told Darin not to talk to me, didn't you?


Collin didn't waste any time.


I had planned to stop at the supermarket on the way home, but it was closed.

So is it 19 or is it 20?

Jerald gave me everything except what I wanted.


My father made my mother a cup of coffee just the way she likes it.

Germany is expecting about 1.5 million asylum seekers this year.

There are a lot of trees around the pond.

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Dwayne asked me why I was late.