His last recourse will be to go to his father for help.


I saw many people who had no clothes and I saw many clothes which had no people in them.

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I'm seeing him this afternoon.

She passed the examination with ease.

In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever.

If you take this bus, you will reach the village.

I was in trouble with the police last night.


You must do the work, even if you do not like it.


I just got a message from him.

I'm easygoing.

It seems to me that someone is calling you.

I recommend the public transport be enhanced.

There is a cure.


Bob will be gone all day.

If I were healthy, I would be happy.

Is that what he wants?

Money cannot be got at bidding.

We watch TV together.


I can trust him to a certain extent.

This cloth is good in quality for its price.

We began to sail in the direction of the port.

I need to know more about him.

I nearly got myself killed today.


It's best to go to the dentist at regular intervals.

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Sridharan is far from happy.

Vidhyanath had better get going.

On finishing this report, I will rest.

What caused the fire?

This misery resulted from his laziness.

It was difficult to restrain myself from smothering Triantaphyllos.

You can't blame her for what she did.

Archie has a small farm just outside of Boston.

I think Nguyen knows French.


They are reading their book.

John struggled to find out the answer to the physics problem.

I wish Skip would make up his mind.

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Please complete the dialogues.


She changed the date.


Tell me the reason you didn't come yesterday.

I need another pillow, please.

We need money.


This book isn't interesting at all.

Let me speak to you first.

Gerald wouldn't be interested in this job.

Can I open this box?

It's all that really matters.

Elsa drank his wine.

I'm sure Marvin will do well.

The engine is itself very good.

I'm learning Irish slowly.


Let's just keep this between us.


Will you do what you're told, for once?

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You were the only one who could have helped us.

"Whose dresses are these?" "They are Nabila's."

He was surprised at the news.


We were just talking about you when you called.

It happens that innocents are sentenced to death.

No medicine can cure folly.

Why does Lynne hate Kim?

We're getting fewer and fewer students.

Eduardo makes fun of Vern all the time.

Eli was nervously pacing back and forth.


Her head was bursting with new ideas.


I'm looking forward to his present.


What is it this time?

The graph of the cosecant function has vertical asymptotes.

He received a registered letter.


This idea is not rational.


I'm sick and tired of your complaining.

I'm from Japan.

Bertrand began to get downhearted.

I didn't mean to give you that impression.

I think we'll never be able to afford that kind of car.

Your father is very tall, isn't he?

I'll wait here until he comes back.

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We should keep every school open and every teacher in his job.

Dwayne is fit to become a businessman.

The elbow is the joint between the arm and forearm.

Let's give Stacey some space.

We act in good faith.


Concentrate on your mission!


My sister often takes care of the baby.

Frances was the first person in our neighborhood to buy an iPad.

I've had it with Eli.

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My father complained about the traffic noise.


The more people buy a certain merchandise, the higher its price.

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They overcame many inveterate superstitions.


I am drawing a bird.

Casey decided to go abroad.

The employees want to form a union.

Panacea wondered how Tran could be so sure that she'd win the race.

We had to wait for him for ten minutes.

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Do you really need to ask the question to know the answer?


Barrichello drives very fast.


Only when it comes to the tenses and the phrasal verbs English grammar is more difficult than German.

He's intelligent.

How did you get down here?


I think it would be a mistake not to attend today's meeting.

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One theory held that a meteor killed the age of dinosaurs.

The path is direct.

It is very important to master English in short time.


I don't mean that at all.


The company has growing pains now.

Large ships are all equipped with a lifeboat.

They pushed him out of the window.

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Are you still out of your mind?


Each season has its own beauty.

Klaus was very confident.

I thought we had a good year.

We took it for granted that he would help us.

I knew someone like Ole once.

Justin is apparently a Canadian.

Did Rathnakumar have to sign this agreement with Edmund.

These are real.

Pat looked out the open window.

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Let's get back to the ship.

Colin denied having met Hank.

Stop that right now.

Could you show me the way?

Heinz was supposed to be here.

You all need Andreas.

Put your room in order.


Do not hesitate to celebrate your defeat... as long as you're the winner's guest.

I like this apple, the green one.

In Sweden it is more common for a child to have three first names than one, but here, at home, this is a more unusual phenomenon.


Greta Garbo was a Swedish actress.


When does Pedro need it?

She's an ungrateful child.

I don't think this is the time or place for that.

That isn't necessary.

Kamiya said some people got hurt.


Ivy Bean, the oldest user of both Facebook and Twitter, died at 104.

Hearing that a transfer student was coming, the class buzzed with excitement.

Now that you are grown up, you must not behave like a child.

This is a strange kind of fish.

The heads of the Zionist settlements debated a great deal as to which language would be chosen as the language of the future state.

You can't let your guard down for a second around that guy.

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.


She couldn't come on account of being busy.

Did you read the whole book?

It took just over three hours to get here.


Who makes breakfast for him?

She looks pretty in that dress.

It's a classic.

Take out your homework.

How come you only gave me a hamburger? Isn't this a meal set of a hamburger, French fries and a drink?

They supplied the village with water.

I'd like a tea.


It is you who doesn't understand!

Let me show you how we do it.

I wasn't flirting.


We must surrender them all.