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Yentna at its core, was built to create a marketplace that streamlined the research and booking experience for aspiring and avid outdoorsman and women. Until Yentna, the industry has been extremely fragmented. Anglers and sportsman looking to research and book guides around the world were frustrated and looking for a better solution. Once they found a guide, the process of booking them was still cumbersome and outdated.


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    Sometimes real-life experiences supersede made up stories.  It seems that when one spends time outdoors more and more of these occur.  In this post, I share three funny stories from the water – each of which is absolutely true. The dr...

    September 29, 20171


    You've heard that there are some great freshwater fishing spots within a few miles from where you live, so you're ready to take a crash course in bass fishing for beginners. Don't worry because your "homework" is super fun, and you can use a simple s...

    September 21, 20170
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    While the largemouth bass is most often in the Florida freshwater fish spotlight, you shouldn't forget about a few other Sunshine State fish species that can be loads of fun to catch. Are you wondering which freshwater fish in Florida are underrated,...

    September 21, 20173