I go to the country every summer.

"It's really hot today, isn't it?" "Yeah, it sure is."

I'm not pulling out their teeth.

Ramneek scoffed.

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It's a very historic building.


He will lose weight.

He chanced on a rare book at a second-hand bookstore.

Barry married a rich girl.

Nobody wants to come to your party.

He was a mediator.


Take a deep breath.

You're a suspect.

It is getting colder day by day.


This room heats easily.

He tires easily.

I'm afraid someone will see us.

He didn't go home yesterday.

I'm glad we're in agreement.

It feels like it's going to absorb you into another world.

Ann is a little girl.

The problem is that he is penniless.

I see what's going on.

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What do you want to tell me?

She's got the measure of you.

The men played cards and drank until late at night.

Has Hubert really moved to Boston?

Malus treats me very nice.

You're just envious.

Forget all grudges and begin living freely.


In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?

How did you get back so soon?

We were tired out after our long walk.

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I wish we had time.

Whatever happened to Ilya?

It's probably OK.

I kept an eye on her suitcase.

That's all I've got.

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I'm just here to say hi to her.


All Major wants is love.

This wine is inferior to that in its bouquet.

This agreement is binding on all of us.

I just need to talk to you.

I'm going for a walk.


My father fell ill because he worked too hard.


I arrived this afternoon.

Granville said he was scared.

Timo started working for Boyce last year.


New York is on the Hudson River.

She visited Kanazawa two years ago.

My parents objected to my traveling alone, saying it would be dangerous.


I can add many sentences in different languages.


He received a lot of praise.

I wouldn't miss it.

Let them take care of it.

Please don't look at your mobile phone while we're eating.

Studying how to communicate effectively is time well spent.

Jesus sat still.

Waiter, the bill please.

"Will he succeed?" "I fear not."

Those snakes are extremely dangerous.


Helen is much surprised at the news.


Dan discussed each detail with Linda.

I can't imagine loving anybody that much.

I am beginning to like Ken little by little.

The bus will arrive within ten minutes.

Both his grandfathers are dead.

The data in her paper serves to further our purpose.

I'd like to see you first.

Mayo is happy with his new guitar.

The city walls are so beautiful!

This is garbage.

He didn't come back in the end.

Did you do your tasks?

You should read about the careers of great men.


Are you really Canadian?

I caught them in the act.

Nguyen's house has a solar roof.

My new car enables me to go anywhere, anytime.

I've already seen one.

You must really like him.

I just don't want to be left alone.

I was worried you wouldn't come.

Shane believes that Rodney made a big mistake when she sold her father's Stradivarius.

My father bought me this hat.

He has a good collection of modern paintings.

The metro's not on the left, so it's on the right.

She asked him to give her some money.

We'll set up camp here.

I'd like to ask you some questions about some of the people who work for you.

I'm not going to play golf with Boyce.

What do you want with us?

I came to talk to Bert about Mahmoud.

Among my cousins, you know, there's a girl with the most enormous breasts.

He was mainly interested in the origin of the universe and evolution.

My grandfather cannot walk without a walking stick.

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Let's husk the coconut.


A native speaker wouldn't likely say it that way.

Cliff acted the part of a sailor.

It's too far.


Look! There's a plane taking off.

Well, I have a suggestion to make.

Dimitry is a royal pain in the ass.

We have to abide by the rules.

Franklin and his brother played on the same team, but not at the same time.


My poor uncle was there, lying on his bloody bed, with a dagger lodged deeply in his heart.

Lord abandoned them.

There's nothing to stop us.

The ballerinas around the walls are stretching their legs and feet so their muscles will not become stiff.

It will not be long before man can travel to the moon.


The party did not succeed in climbing the mountain.

Severe turbulence during the flight and very poor cabin service didn't make for an enjoyable start to our holiday.

The boy drew a picture on the wall.

Are you angry because of what I said?

The girl, closing her eyes, listened to the pastor.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll end up in jail.

Sometimes I still miss her.

Romney said the Obama campaign had been "reduced to petty attacks and silly word games".

You're not rich, are you?


She was skiing all though the day.

Come out with us.

I was shaken.

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The soil retained richness.

Can we play a little longer?

It was a long and hard journey but we're finally at our destination.

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I'm sorry I don't agree with you on that matter.

Everybody got up to leave.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

Have you tried talking with Tanya?

I'm afraid I can't afford the gift she deserves.


I actually do enjoy hitting you.


I'm Tobias's supervisor.

He tapped me on the shoulder.

Danielle can blame no one but himself.

He is not coming, according to her.

"Why?" "Why not?"

This seems good to me.

Two large coffees, please.

I became acquainted with beautiful Polish women at the university in Brazil, and I also met there some very friendly people who could speak Polish.

I didn't know there was a pond here.

Paulina has a pink cap.

She advised him to work harder.

Hector shouldn't have gone out after dark by himself.

Do you think you can live on a dollar a day in America?

I think that you are to blame.

I had no friends except for Kyung.

We need to talk to her.

When did you marry your wife?


We're going to play handball.


Lindsay has a son whose name is John.

We're planning to do just that.

My father never talked about the war.


She cancelled an appointment.

I had a quarrel with him about trifles.

The rabbit is eating a carrot.

Soohong was attracted to Gregory.

It's junk. Throw it away.

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I'm very glad that I've been singled out as being a suitable person for the job.


Finish studying.

I have enough money to buy everything I want.

I am very glad to meet you.

He was knighted.

It was wrong to take his words at their face value.

He may be a good man for all I know.

I will give you five dollars.

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The girl's voice became weaker and weaker.

He knows how to fry eggs.

Feeling hot, I turned on the fan.