Yes, I have time tomorrow.

He distanced himself from politics.


We know you're still there.


This is the first time I've ever wiped all the tables.

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Lester can't do his job without an internet connection.

I've been meaning to drop by and see you, but I've been rather busy this week.

The term "pansexual" has recently become a popular alternative to "bisexual."

Why tell them anything?

I can't make myself understood in German.


She's going to kill me.

It was careless of me to do something like that.

We'd better get it out of here.


What are the rooms like?


You cannot catch them up.


I had a good time last night.


Did Piete forget to pay?

In Spain and France, we buy fresh bread every day.

I'm calling Hank right now.


You'll be better soon.

Turn the hose off.

Masanao kicked the ball.

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I wish Chet wouldn't talk to me so much.


Who am I going to eat lunch with?

These plants are all poisonous.

It isn't easy to learn a foreign language.


Gene didn't agree with our decision.

Let me explain it to them.

I've become used to her.

The accident deprived them of their only son.

Copying is not theft.

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I want to sleep with your wife.

Jared made a promise.

She knelt beside him.

They gathered in the gym.

A cat may be compared to a small tiger, and a tiger may also be compared to a large cat.

The light came back on.

Louiqa has lost his umbrella.

It's easy to translate "I am" into any language.

I'll take care of the matter personally.


Miltos can hardly speak any French.

This wasn't such a good idea.

The letter was written to her.


Vance didn't tell Brian everything.


She noticed that.


This is a problem for young people to solve.

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I use it.

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Many scientists are working in this field.


We take it for granted that he will succeed in his business.

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My mother was sick for two days.

Jerald doesn't like discussing his work with Janice.

I forgot to tell you the babysitter's name.


"You, Sir, are an imperialist!" "And you, Sir, are a troll."


I didn't want to do it this way.

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Is there any point in me living?

Rudy heard everything they said.

His letter indirectly refers to the matter.

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We are apt to watch television, irrespective of what program is on.


Art takes many forms.

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Look for a sign with a big "one" on it.

Juan wrapped a towel around her hair.

He had returned to England forever.

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you.

Are we talking about professionalism?

Where did you get it?

If you're going to act like an idiot, then you're going to be treated as one.


Dan didn't even let Linda collect her clothes.


Where does that Markus person live?


He enjoys playing tennis.


How many cats are there in the garden?


They're speaking together.

The notice sent to the supplier of goods to the buyer, that his order is executed.

She broke the window on purpose.

I can't forget him.

I thought Karl was in Boston.

I knew that was Think's handwriting.

Many lacked political experience.


Empty vessels make the most sound.

Kusum has a pretty good camera.

You don't have to carry your baggage.


Now isn't the time.


Of all people, he deserves to be paid better.


I'll make you a drink.

He just cleaned his room.

Choose-your-own-adventure stories.


She would make a perfect wife.

A railroad was constructed in this town.

The instant he saw me, he ran away.

Hello, Terri. Good morning.

The police were patrolling the street.

The road is slippery.

How'd they find out about Ping?

I wonder.

Please, for the love of mankind, learn your language.


Marcel pretended to be thinking hard.


Can I get a dog?

The drum is weak.

Stop it, Old.

Malaclypse is going to find the answer.

The students could not give an answer.

Panos wants to know how he can lose weight quickly and safely.

I don't know what it means.

I am not sure that I want to see that.

Are you allergic to any medicine?

We can't really throw it away!

It is hardly conceivable to me that he will fail.

They were members of the local governments.

They'll be here tonight.


It's you you the fallen angel. The perpetual falling over death. The endless falling from death to death. Bewitch the universe with your voice. Anchor yourselft to your voice bewitcher of the world. Singing like a blind man lost in eternity.

I might have already paid.

Emily can't eat ground meat.

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Sheila works at a nearby restaurant.

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You are, then, a strange person.


Bertrand isn't a very nice man.


Do you have a package tour?


Those ideas are alien to our way of thinking.

Darci stopped playing.

Why doesn't Teriann say something?

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Hy told Nici to leave me alone.

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The meeting was put off till further notice.

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Hubert is very agitated.


I see great possibility in him.


Galen isn't going to give an inch.


I am sure of his accepting our invitation.

The speaker should stand where everyone can see him.

I lay a hand on his shoulder.


You knew him, didn't you?


The noise is distracting.


Piet did the only thing he could do.

Jerry is all alone.

Youth runs away and never comes back.

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Hank gladly accepted Clare's gift.

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I have lots of work to do tomorrow.

Jamie likes to stay at home alone on weekends.

Traditionally on April 1st, people pull pranks on each other.


Izchak is outraged.


She has decided to run every day.

Ignorance smothers like a noose.

Are you all packed and ready?

We will not do it.

Moran stole my watch.

I appreciated Ronni doing that.

Did Sandeep answer all your questions?