She's their only daughter.

I thought I told you to get out of my way.

We'll have a picnic tomorrow, weather permitting, of course.

Put your mask on.

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She stayed at home all day long yesterday.


These pretzels are making me thirsty.

I can barely move.

Let me explain that.


Why did they dislike her?

Everyone has domestic troubles from time to time.

Why did you bring him here?

Those particular persons would run.

You can't say anything about this to Mickey.

The radar broke.

Are you telling me you forgot?

You mean to say that you know the answer?

It is healthier to climb the stairs.


I don't have them yet.

Daren lied about where he'd been.

Today, I do not have time for this.


So many things to do, and so little time.

Louie sat across from Wade, his ex-girlfriend.

There was moonlight yesterday evening.

Would you like a second serving?

I choose to be happy.

I don't have any children.

How can you not like horses?


She is waiting.

It's a risk I'll have to take.

I had never seen that kind of fish until then.


Get your shit together!


He was unaware of the situation.

I want to see Elliot now.

He adopted the orphan.

English is never wrong when it is beautiful.

I'm going to go talk to Connie again.

I am not surprised at all.

You'd better keep that a secret.

Do you want me to pay in advance?

Okinawa is the southernmost island in Japan.


I hope you got a higher score on the test than I did.


Phillip hates climbing ladders.


He had to lead a miserable life for many years.

The penny eventually dropped!

I don't want to have children. Is that abnormal?

Why would Stewart kill Becky?

He plays baccarat.

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I'm trying to fill the gaps in my education by taking online courses and reading widely.

Do you have a window seat?

Howard doesn't seem to want to go to bed right now.

Tomorrow's trash day.

Aliens prevented a major war on Earth by hidden manipulation.


Can you understand the meaning of this sentence?


How do you know who I am?

They made up their minds to go by car in spite of bad weather.

So, how's the card used?

We are making all efforts possible to deal with the nuclear crisis.

She was ironing her dress.

Now it is his turn.

I'll be within 10 minutes.


You are sloth!

This theory was founded on a scientific basis.

What are you going to do with this camera?


You aren't a spy, are you?


She will do whatever it takes to find Charlie.

Clare arrived there after dark.

She is beautiful and how!

Is this a screwdriver?

He was all wrong.

Just looking at her, you can see that she loves you.

He is studying hard in order not to disappoint his parents.


Todd promised to make Frank a sandwich.

It's better for both of you.

I talk to you.

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I wrote the song for her.

You called?

I pumped five gallons of gas into my car.

Down went the bus over the cliff.

Aren't you missing anyone?

A few old buildings need to be demolished.

The wind was so strong, we were nearly blown off the road.


I recently started seeing a man.

The pain has gone.

I have no clue.

Most of you probably haven't heard of him, but Georg Cantor is undoubtedly one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century.

I was very nervous as the plane took off.

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He's lactose intolerant.


I'm just a little bored.

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It was not until yesterday that I knew the fact.

I won't be able to eat all this.

She takes sewing classes.

We talk about it every night.

The rent is expensive.


Tarmi isn't good at talking to children.

What's the country with the highest population density in the world?

After a brief fight, they won.


Let me donate what little money I have with me.

Do you have enough money?

Why are there disappointments in human life?

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He sat next to me.

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He often travels to foreign countries.

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Ah, this is the life!

I'm not going to play guessing games with you.

I rented out the guest bedroom.

How did you become a cop?

With my dictionary I can translate anything!


John broke the window yesterday.

His victory at this age in an international competition is a good indication of a bright future.

I don't care what you think.

She is even more beautiful.

Russell has a powerful grip.

Ann can stay here.

Are you still in the job?


His business resulted in heavy losses.

Keep talking.

Things didn't happen that way.


My son is in high school now.


Can Barton really be as rich as people think he is?

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I don't know when she got married.

Be sure to fill in the blanks from top to bottom beforehand.

I've been experimenting with that.

The local restaurant is awful.

Depending on how things go, it's possible there'll be a surprise ending.

The court is adjourned until 3:00 p.m. on March 1st.

I don't get what the author means there.


Are there waterfalls in your country?

The ASEAN nations have come a long way.

I needn't have watered the flowers. Just after I finished, it started raining.

Is there a refundable deposit on the bottle?

Ro is improving slowly.

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I think you should reconsider that.


I can do just about anything I want to do.

I am looking at that.

The ball bounded away into our neighbor's garden.


Do you think there's any chance that Patrick knows Gordon's phone number?

It seems impossible.

Go do something.

She was overshadowed by her sister's reputation.

The stillness of the desert overwhelmed me.

This car is my father's, but in a little while it will be mine.

Red wine is not traditionally served with fish.

Everyone does wrong things in their lives.

Why don't you tell me what you want?

I was almost at my wits' end how to act.

The water from this river runs into the sea.


Gill doesn't have time to talk to you.


I am interested in music.

Do you think Felix is right?

The salesman demonstrated how to use the mincer.

She's very clean.

I've been thinking about the meaning of life.

He's overreacting.

We're having lunch here.

Maybe he is Italian or Spanish.

It's too risky.


Evelyn jumped into Anatoly's arms.

You seem like a nice girl.

We are barking like dogs.

They seemed to think so.

You returned.