Mastering the Art of | Bathroom Remodeling

Once upon a time, bathrooms were small and utilitarian, often retrofitted, and tucked away in odd spaces. Not until the 1950s did a majority of bathrooms in the U.S. include ...
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Dynamic Tile Solutions | Unique, Durable And Stylish

February is generally associated with Valentine’s Day, but last year the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared February 23rd as National Tile Day. Perhaps tile as a gift may not ...
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Kitchen Confidential | Cabinets for Every Budget and Style

At the heart of the home, the kitchen is where food is abundant and memories are made, where friends and family are welcomed to gather, nourish and linger. To complete ...
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Light and Bright | Marrying Old and New in a Tudor Redo

Photography by Michael Patch Suzanne and Steve Johnson met John Wingfield and Penn Burton more than thirty years ago, on a project they took on at the couple’s former home ...
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What’s Your Holiday Style? | Deck the Halls to Reflect Your Seasonal Spirit

When the holidays come around, it’s hard not to reminisce and think back to past family traditions. Mama’s sizable snow village, a primary part of her living room decor, created ...
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The Inviting Home | Welcoming Guests in the Winter Season

The winter months can be a wonderful time for entertaining. With holidays bringing cozy weather and good cheer, it’s a great time to reconnect with longtime friends, or to welcome ...
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Room & Board | 1907 Revival Gets an Eclectic Modern Facelift

Melissa Mangold isn’t one to shy away from a project. Even if it’s a big project—big like renovating an entire century-old house, from top to bottom, by herself. What gave ...
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Ensemble Work | Dream Cast Stages Country House Solitude, Minutes from Town

One Act: Assemblage
Chris and Shannon Franzelas started dreaming of the home they would build together soon after they were engaged in 2015. The couple assumed they would likely wind ...
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