Make App From Websites

Convert your Websites, Blogs, Fb Pages or Groups, Tweets into Android apps. Get more engagement and visibility. Apps for your business or personal use.

Only MYR 200 per app. One time fee with no strings attached.

You can generate income from your own ads (from within the app itself, or from your website).

Case Study of Kerja Sambilan App

Download from (646) 384-6611


As the name suggest, this is a free app for people searching part time jobs. This app was created earlier in 2017, but was monetised later in that year. Below is a screenshot of ad revenue from December 2017 until February 2018.

Disclaimer: The results shown here will vary and not typical.

Based on the app performance, just within 2 months it has garnered over USD 700. Its more than 1k % ROI from the initial MYR 200 investment. (based on exchange rate of 3.8)

As long as you have your own site or page on the internet, with responsive layout, we can make an app out of it.

For enquiries and order, please contact us at