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Deborah is an ignoramus. He understands absolutely nothing.

It gets quite hot in summer.

Don't cross your eyes or they'll freeze that way.

Every seat in this tube is taken.

She took over the business after her husband died.

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Where did you decide to go?

You got very drunk.

Jackson could not believe it.


You said that you wanted to go.

I'm interested in music.

The more public the work, the more criticism you receive.


Beverly is itching for a fight.

It's a matter of pride.

Now, why don't we continue this conversation in the other room?

I was applauding.

Although scientists and skeptics have many times managed to debunk conspiracy theories, believers nevertheless maintain an unreasoning attachment to the discredited ideas.

Northern flying squirrels nest inside trees.

I am no longer able to handle the chest pain.

I'm warning you not to do that.

That's why we must leave.

Miltos had the courage to do what it took.

The program was programmed by programmers.

Do we need to wait for Giles?

Cindy is trying to learn French.

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Rebecca noticed a change in Lisa.

Bob was washing the dishes at that time.

I want her to stop.

Please wash your hands properly before eating.

Communications are down.

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One thing I learned a long time ago was that anger clouds the mind. I've seen a lot of people I know personally transform into irrational beasts when angry, and this rant of yours is no exception. Try to keep calm.


Marguerite goes for a walk every morning.

This is just awesome.

They will be accepted by their peers in adulthood.

It's not too late to walk away.

I believe that we do not need to limit these suffixes now.


I didn't even see it.


I read the entire works of Milton over the holiday.

Find an empty bottle and fill it with water.

My poor English cost me my job.


Ray was very grateful.


Now's your chance.

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This is where the believers perform their ablutions.


Drinking lots of alcohol can help, because it gets you drunk.

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I hit on a good idea.

How much fabric did you buy?

I called my father back.

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Let's pace ourselves.

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Vernon is ironing shirts.

You must be very good.

The right mind is the mind that does not remain in one place.

You didn't tell me that Glenn speaks French.

Gerard told me his father wasn't at home.

The case was settled out of court.

In the Aymara culture, respecting one's parents is fundamental.

Bart said he would've come to the party if he'd been invited.

Sal is coming for you.


I'm not leaving without you.

I have no intention of cheating. What's the point?

She is used to sitting.

He's such a great guy.

They agreed on a price.

Mara is going to want to talk to you about what happened yesterday.

I don't remember anyone named Stacy.

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I think I remember how to do that.

Japan imports most of the energy resources it needs.

I didn't want to put it down.

Did you hear Niall is in town?

Do you annoy your brothers?


This type of discrimination isn't very widespread in our country.

How many years did the Hundred Years' War last?

I'd very much like to know your opinion.

You can recognize a bird by its feathers and a man by his friends.

Put this coat on a hanger.

You have nothing to prove to us.

We'll take good care of her.


The one with the book is Marco.

Pierette leaned his head against the window.

Ralf dropped Theo off at her friend's house.

I've brought you a little going away present.

I'd like to think so.

I spent all yesterday working on that report.

Take good care of yourself.


I tried to focus my attention on reading.


I've got a bit of a headache.

There's something I haven't told you yet.

Jarmo is doing well in his schoolwork.

I just wanted to talk to him.

Do you have a better one?

He's taking a shower.

We're in a library.

Let's find out where Helen went.

The language they were speaking sounded like French to me.


The rain is getting you down, isn't it?

Real tried to camouflage himself.

It's OK to make a couple of mistakes.

This is the letter written by Mr. Brown.

He was forced to work.

I feel hungry after a long walk.

He's not my type.


He has some mannerisms.

I heard that, but I didn't know it was true.

He has green eyes.


I used to speak Latin, French and English, but now I've forgotten it all.

The secret will soon get out.

If you don't want to read, then don't read.

I'd like to see you tomorrow.

Martha started to feel more confident than before.

Hey, where did you two come from?

We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.

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I'm waiting for a reply.

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I really need some advice from you.


His criticisms were very severe.

If you tell me the truth, I'll forgive you.

Laura had big money problems.

That woman will be his wife.

I can hear perfectly well.


Such a custom is not peculiar to the Americans.

They nominated Calvin Coolidge for vice president.

This is me and this is my cat.

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Do you know baseball?

What are they saying?

WWI lasted from 1914 until 1918.

The rock garden is past the patio.

Gregory thought Troy was wasting her time.

I'd like your input.

I'd like to part with her if I could.

We've got to get up early tomorrow. We're going on a picnic.

We'll starve to death!

I don't even like fish.

Douglas became agitated.

I have to go away for a while.

Think doesn't feel like eating.

I thought I heard someone banging on the wall.

You don't seem so busy.

She's a woman with a strong personality.

I kind of got punted out of the university.


Even with all the money he has, he isn't happy.

She enjoyed herself a lot at the party.

What's wrong with all of you?

One thousand million adults are illiterate.

You know everything.


In 2001, the financial group Goldman Sachs concluded that Brazil, Russia, India and China would be the "bricks" of the global economy, giving rise to the acronym "BRIC".

Seenu lives in a small house on the other side of town.

I can't possibly afford to pay for all this.

I worked hard to get into my preferred school.

This word has three syllables.

This machine is familiar to me.

Mr. Brown is looking for his glasses.

After being in a coma for three weeks, Eduardo regained consciousness.

Do you feel sorry for Suzanne?

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"Why are you mad at me?" "I'm not mad at you!"

The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.

We still don't know why Micheal isn't here.

Listen, Carlo can't know you're here.

I really want to see them today.


What a heavenly dress!

Shatter and Michiel were there, too.

Janice seems to be listening carefully.


What can I do you for?


Jules Verne's novels nearly gave the news from the future.

"So, do you agree, Madam Mayor?", stammered the abbot, barely hiding his joy.

Margot promised Anita that he'd keep their engagement secret.

This pulao tastes great!

With a piercing whistle, the ship sailed from the port.