I called earlier.

She weeded the garden.

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Both his sisters are beautiful.


In a manner of speaking, yes.


The Southeast is a major energy producer of coal, crude oil, and natural gas.

I know my limitations.

I went to bed at one o'clock.

I was moved to tears by her speech.

Tatoeba is great.

She's one tough cookie.

Allen doesn't spend enough time with his children.

I was out celebrating.

Obviously, Reinhard hasn't told anyone about us yet.

Simon, I need to tell you something.

We're just disappointed.


I didn't forget about you, Roderick.

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Stephe got into the car and slammed the door.


They enjoy one another's company.

There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something.

I would love to see the Northern Lights.

In all the rest of Europe, there will be monstrous festivals this year.

Olson was caught in a lie.

Formerly this harbor was prosperous.

She was run over by a car.

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

If they could eat every night in a restaurant, they would. They hate cooking.

Can you make out the meaning easily?

There's something Kolkka should know.

Have you found any clues to the problem?

What does it smell like?


Have you spoken with your wife?

She had the habit of wearing a ribbon on her hat; a different one each day, and each day a different colour.

Do you think Vice believed what you said?

They stayed at home, because it rained.

Kathy said he liked Molly.

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The children are moving their toothbrushes as if they are cleaning their teeth, but they can't fool me.

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I don't think I want to know.

Do you think I want to hurt Sam?

Sunil said he just didn't have the time.

We need to speak to Vijay again.

There were three people waiting in front me.


We're not so different after all.

Evelyn has beautiful long hair.

Brender has been gone for over three hours.

Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.

I want you to come home.

Let's sing some old songs.

This is for her.

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You're entitled to your opinion.


There is a plan of treatment at the end of the included leaflet.


We were married five years ago today.

I'll tell you everything when I come round and see you.

I agree with the statement.


I thought you enjoyed swimming.

I'll try not to fall asleep.

Would that be suitable?


Some believe that school chaplains shouldn't receive public funding.

They invited me to the wedding.

His illness is without a cure.

If I had known about it, I would have told you.

By the way, in case he comes, let him wait for me.

She went in for too many events, and so won none.

He seemed to be very keen on music.

Merat's mouth went dry.

We plan to put Israel in an all-boys school.

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Many promises had been made.


Are you doing that on purpose?


You need to call Spy and tell him.

I would rather die than disgrace myself.

He will chalk up more than ten points.


My eyes narrowed into slits in the strong sunlight.

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Panos isn't sleeping now.

Srikanth bought an electric car.

Some people still do it, even if we tell them not to.

Red is not your color.

Where were your parents?

She soon adjusted herself to village life.

I think it's wrong to lie.

Why didn't Rajesh say anything?

Are you a musician?

October was worse.

If you want her forgiveness you need to come clean about what you did.

To tell you the truth, I lost your pen.

She parties too hard.

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She'll be back in a few minutes.


Let us try it.

Suwandi hasn't been the same since Jakob left him.

You can't rely on me in this matter.

My wife is wearing a blue dress.

I'm glad to be home.

Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.

Accidents will happen in the best-regulated families.

The way you did it was wrong.

I can't hold with such a politician.

He made up his mind to study medicine at university.

What's the weather like in Boston?

These charred bits are tasty.

Smiling softly, he shook hands with his son and walked off.

What a rascal!

You don't believe me, do you?


Collin bought a very good camera.

If you drive, don't drink.

Among so many actions committed by dictators, we can mention that: they suspend political activity, they suspend the rights of workers, they forbid strikes, they destroy the Supreme Court of Justice, they shutdown nighttime places of business, they censure the mass media, they burn thousands of books and magazines considered dangerous.

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This is an hotel I know of. That one is also some hotel.

Ken jumped over the wall.

He's a very important person.

Ellen couldn't go because he was unable to get permission.

It's not for sale.


It was a long time ago.

It's a miracle that he survived the accident.

I haven't seen her since last month.

I know that Timothy is more handsome than I.

In Soviet Russia, radio listens to the listener!

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Brender is still upset.

The Chinese are a hard-working people.

I remember seeing her somewhere.

Blayne was hoping that Sonja would smile at him.

Joon is majoring in physics.


There's nothing like doing it yourself!

That woman is a convict.

Did you tell Sharon that he shouldn't be doing that?

You'd better find him.

I totally get that.


Although CFIT accounted for just over a third of crashes in the past six years, it caused 53% of the deaths.

Let's forget about them.

Pay your rent in advance.

They had a debate on same-sex marriage.

Socrates, who would easily have been acquitted by the judges, chose to die.


It is no time for sleeping or for being careless of ourselves.

She bakes bread in her new oven.

I was thinking of them.

I don't think it's going to happen today.

The pheasant would not be shot but for its cries.


I need someone now.

How do feel about it, Malaclypse?

We all have jobs to do.

The scar on his forehead is conspicuous.

An oil leak was contained by a beaver dam in Alberta.

Fear instead of sleep stands near, that I close not my eyes.

All the dinner had been eaten before he came.

Eva lived in Boston for several years.

Her face was enlightened by happiness.


Siping is a bank clerk.

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I can't find Dustin anywhere.

I can't imagine it.

There is no one to attend to that patient.


Their sweet melody made young people feel free.


Jill couldn't have done more.

Matti is very blunt.

Natraj promised to clean his room.

What do you want now?

Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror?

The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus.

Summer and Autumn are friends.

The competition will be intense.

He's very experienced.

I like Alex Marcelo.

That's a copy.

I'm slowly getting used to the humid climate here.

Do you know where he was born?


This beautiful autumn weather we've been having makes up for the wet summer.

Have you eaten lunch yet?

He doesn't want to work in a factory.


The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to Victory!