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12th Street loves our community, and we believe that we are called to be the church to everyone, everyday, and everywhere. What does that really look like? We feel like this is best seen through a growing, healthy community of Christ-followers who are serving those in need and building relationships with the Lord and together, all to the glory of God. We hope that you will feel our love for you and this community through our people and our events. Please also take the time to join us at one of our services or small groups. We could not be more excited to connect with you and your family.


We want to be a church that
loves our community.


  • Adult, Preschool & Kids Worship
    8:30 am
  • Sunday School Groups
    9:45 am
  • Adult, Preschool, & Kids Worship
    11 am
  • Seasonal Community Groups (Adults & Students)
    5 pm
  • Mainstreet Kids Music
    5 pm



  • Student Worship
    6 pm
  • Children in Action/Mission Friends
    6 pm
  • Adult Prayer Meeting
    6 pm

What to expect as you visit

We often get a few questions from guests, and we think that most can be answered from the tabs below. When you visit, we might ask for some contact information. This is to better connect and serve our guests in the best way possible.

Worship Opportunities


Worship is a vital part of a believer's spiritual life. Each Sunday morning our members and guests gather to offer our praises and our prayers and to hear an impactful message from God's word. At 8:30, music is led by our vocal ensemble and Praise Band. At 11:00, music is led by our Adult Choir along with piano. Both are centered on providing a meaningful worship experience.


Once a month we gather as families in both services to worship as one multi-generational church. We invite all ages, Kgr-adults, to worship with their families as we lift our praises together to our Creator and Savior.


Kids will jump, craft, sing, play and learn about our Savior with our preschool specific worship service. With plenty to do to keep their little bodies moving and learning, the hour will fly by as we use "The Gospel Project for Preschoolers" to teach and reinforce the amazing lessons of Scripture. To pre-register your preschooler please use the form below.


KIDS WORSHIP- SUNDAYS 8:30 & 11am (KGR-5th Gr)

Inside our Mainstreet Kids Worship Room, our grade school kids will discover God's truths while singing, playing games, watching lesson videos, reading Scripture, and creating projects. We use "The Gospel Project for Kids" to teach and reinforce the amazing lessons of Scripture in a way they will understand. To pre-register your kids please use this form below.

Pre-Register Now


In the Venue Student Area, middle & high schoolers are invited to share in searching for answers through God's Word. Every Wednesday night they are led in Common Worship, growing closer together as they seek truth. Students connect before worship, playing ping-pong, air-hockey, video games, or just hanging out at the Cafe. The Venue Entrance is located around the backside of the church at the glass door marked “Student Area/Church Office.” Doors open at 5:30pm and Common Worship starts at 6pm.

Our church is open to both casual and formal attire. We believe that what you wear doesn't matter as much as the condition of your heart.

We offer complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate before each of our Sunday morning worship services and the Sunday School hour. We have two locations for your convenience. One is near the Main Entrance and the other is at the Check-In Trolley located right inside the Family Entrance. 

(662) 450-6235

Our preaching style is expository, and we hold to the truth that the Word of God is inerrant and infallable. All that really means is that we believe that the Bible, God's Word, is true and without error. It also means we spend time finding out what the text means instead of bending the text to meet our needs. If you would like to hear the last messages please click below.


Family Check-In

We use an easy and secure check-in system where each child is kept safe until their responsible party can pick them up. Our Family Check-In Station is located right inside the Family Entrance located on the front of our building. Making a smooth check-in process is pivotal to a great first time visit for a family. So get ahead of the curve, and pre-register all of your kids by filling out the form below.

Pre-Register Now

We have a great parking lot on the front of our building near the Main & Family Entrances along with additional parking on the back of the building near the Student Entrances with plenty of parking for senior adults.
(581) 814-7322

Giving is not required. However, we do believe that giving is something important to a healthy Christian. When we give we recognize a few things;

We acknowledge God as the provider, supplier of everything we have. Giving reflects our trust that He will continue to provide for us. Giving is a way for us to obey what He commands. In the Bible, God tells us to give.

We believe that God has provided us more ways to give than just money. Whether it be time, effort or resources, honoring God by giving is important. Below are some ways to give with money, but if you want more information about giving in other ways, please contact our Associate Pastor, 418-795-5155.

Email Charles Taylor

Our App

Using our 12th Street App. Just search for "12th Street Baptist" in either the App Store or Google Play.

Giving can be an important part of your Christian walk, and now it's even easier.

Student Ministry


Kids Ministry


The Preschool (school)



We love meeting new people.

Pre Check-In Kids

Having a smooth check-in process is pivotal to a great first time visit for a family. So, get ahead of the curve, and pre-register by filling out the form below.
If you have more than 2 kids, please complete multiple forms.

Talk to a Pastor

We are here to help. Please don't hesitate to ask for prayer, share good news or ask for more information about anything you need.
Please allow a day or two for us to respond. If you need something more immediately, call us at (989) 500-1400

(916) 225-5448
Please contact me by:
At the corner of

HWY - 77 &
Steele Station

  • From:
  • HWY-411 & 77
    (Rainbow Dr. & Grand Ave)
    drive north on HWY-77; toward I-59 & away from the Coosa River
  • I-59
    North bound (Birmingham)
    Take exit 181: Attalla & head SE or right
  • I-59
    South bound (Chattanooga)
    Take I-759 - then exit 2 on to Black Creek Pkwy & head S or right

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