Moran has an identical twin brother and few people can tell them apart.


It is evident that the Earth is round.


Whoever doesn't smoke or drink will live until death.


Where are my car keys?

Do you want to live like slaves?

We need to tell them about this.

I bought three pounds of coffee.

We just want to be happy.


Izzy is going to have to start saving money.

There is indisputable proof that Trey is the thief.

He asks me for it every time he sees me.


People communicate approval by nodding, by clapping their hands, by smiling or laughing.


Why would you want to go to Boston?

Karl said that was a good idea.

I don't know what made me think I could do that.

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I live in a remote area.


It should be interesting.

His English is better than mine.

That'll cost three hundred bucks.


I repaired one.


I don't know how you lasted five years in that job.

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Annie hid his money under his mattress.

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I should stay here.

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I have to know why.


Jerrie went upstairs again.

You are inferior to me.

That concept germinated here and thrived overseas.

She is completely absorbed in a book.

That's O.K. with me.

No one achieved anything.

I swear, I didn't do anything.


I live with them.


Your father will be so proud of you.


I can't believe Marnix would ever hit Nicholas.

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The world would be so much better if it were run by people like me.


Has the mailman delivered a package for me?

People who don't want to go, don't have to.

I'll call you soon.


Jiri and Glenn are at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

I've always known that someday Julie would leave us.

It's not easy being an adult.

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A wise man once said, life is a series of disappointments.

I have to take a make up test in English next week.

This game can be played by young children.

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That's definitely a boat.


They saw it as the brave act of a strong man.

Some people live far removed from harsh realities.

Let him believe this, and he will live more consistently and morally, than by any other system.


I didn't know you could cook so well, Alexander.

I can't swallow these tablets without a drink of water.

Help me for just a minute.

I'll reconsider the matter.

He walked down the street whistling cheerfully.

Instead, he worked a switch that controlled his computer.

How do you spell it?

He has been to London three times.

My house is near Tokyo Tower.


I should've paid closer attention.

They crowded into my house late at night.

I mean you no harm.

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She gave him something to drink.


He opened the door, though I told him not to.

I didn't detach them.

Do not call him master.

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Lenny and Sundar shared many secrets.


I think I should do that now.

Pim's so lucky to have you, Nelken!

Linda hoped that Aaron was OK.

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This process has a lot of inconveniences.

That's not going to be easy.

The Jabulani is the official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Shut the window.

I want to find Debi as badly as you do.

People blamed Micheal.

I ironed one.

This is accurate.

He behaves respectfully toward his superiors.


Lum said he didn't want to go drinking with us.

Please, tell me.

They were caught off-guard.


Just a minute, please. Don't hang up.

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Why didn't we help Olivier?


Did you talk to Pandora on Monday?

The leaves have begun to change color.

The meeting was arranged for next Sunday.


Oh, the electricity has gone off.


Self-publishing is a way to talk to the public.

I'm more interested in spoken French than in written French.

You can eat whatever you like.

Andy finds it difficult to eat with his new dentures.

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1868.


Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

I hope that's not what really happened.

We really need to talk to her.

Edward Sapir was an American linguist.

I planned it all out.


Almost everything is as it was in the old days.

The water was still slowly leaking out.

The business contract ran out last month.

Edmund was not coping at school, and was diagnosed as a slow learner in second grade.

The patient's in the hospital.

If you changed your hair, you could look 10 years younger.

Chris's room is messy.


His company went under during the crisis.


We keep a collie as a pet.

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We would like to distribute your product in Japan.

They know nothing.

We situated ourselves in the seats nearest the exit.


If you think that's necessary, you should do it.

I have done the best I could to help you. The rest is up to you.

I will eat century egg.


The doctor is seeing that patient.

I'm trying to quit smoking.

I'll keep your advice in mind.

He used me as a guinea pig.

Fight with me!

I could not stop by to greet you because I was in a hurry.

Would you do me a favor?

The procedure must be executed correctly and completely.

I knew you'd come after me.

Please give me your permanent address.

I'd like you to help me if you have nothing in particular to do.

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Americans spend most of their lives working, being productive.

He is deeply in debt now.

We could be making a huge mistake here.

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I thought Carsten wouldn't like the book Laurent gave him.

You are a beautiful woman.

He's staring at her really hard.


You will be better off buying a new one than trying to fix it.

You're awesome.

Hazel was afraid to show his father his report card.

I met Teacher Dolkun through Alexander.

Germans show an enormous commitment to the European Union and its institutions.

Konrad loves the new toy that Sandra gave him for his birthday.

We recommended him as chairman.


I have something that I want to say to him.

When they arrived in the town they found it easy to make friends.

Johnny is completely unfazed.


What do you mean by "sometimes"?

What's so great about getting married?

I spurn your offer.

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There's something I want to discuss with you.

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You don't need to sound like a native speaker to be understood.

Olof pulled a lever.

Where are you going the day after tomorrow?

I was going to write to you, but I forgot.

Plant growth and productivity react sharply to a complex combination of temperature and moisture.

Just dropping by quickly to let you know we're aware of some of the issues.

Excuse me, but I'm looking for the post office.