With more than 25 years as the most progressive UK laboratory autoclave design and manufacturing centre for steam sterilisers, Priorclave has become a trusted global brand with a reputation for supplying quality-built autoclaves offering superior reliability and affordability.

In addition to more than 60 standard laboratory autoclaves including front and top loading designs Priorclave’s in-house production facility is able to manufacture autoclaves to match specific requirements. Priorclave autoclaves can be found working in laboratories all around the world and in virtually every business sector, all supported by a dedicated service team. For free advice on product selection contact Priorclave today.

IOS 9001 Regulated
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All Priorclaves complete with Biomaster antimicrobial coating, helping improved laboratory hygiene.

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How to Build a Laboratory Autoclave

A behind the scenes look at how an autoclave is built at the design and manufacturing centre of Priorclave, one of Britain's leading specialist in the production of laboratory and research-grade autoclaves. Visit www.priorclave.co.uk/products to view the product range.

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Our clients

Priorclaves are used for a variety of diverse applications by companies and institutions of all sizes in the UK and around the world.

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  • Nestle
  • University Of York
  • Kings College London
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Health Protection Agency
  • Arabian Gulf University