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Immediate access to the newest available technology opportunities


Straight talk analysis of each technology’s strengths and weaknesses


Compare technologies to each other using our proprietary scores and rankings


Detailed information, analysis, and evaluation by experts for experts

PipeLinX Reports keep you current on the latest technology

Streamlined Business Intelligence and detailed analysis of technologies for R&D, IP and Business Development
To subscribe, contact us at (609) 759 - 0214 or 4843928805

For a sample report, Click Here

Subscription Services

PipeLinX Reports
Each month, we review a large number of technologies for investment and licensing. For each of the most attractive, available university or non-profit technologies, we create a PipeLinX Report.
The report breaks down the usual factors:

• Technology
• Intellectual Property
• Market

But, we include the information we would want to see to invest. We include:
• inventor rankings
• attractiveness for licensing
• comparable deals

We rely on human intelligence, not automation. Our information is generated by experts, including experienced industry scientists, patent attorneys, and experienced early stage technology entrepreneurs. Each PipeLinX report includes a summary, one-page executive scoring sheet as well as all the material to back up the scores in the accompanying pages. Your PipeLinX subscription gives you access to all the existing PipeLinX reports and each new batch of reports monthly.
Technology Briefs
Included in the PipeLinX Subscription, these one page documents give the reader a glimpse at the up and coming technologies. These technologies have been selected through thoughtful analysis, and we think they should be highlighted from the crowd. These are not your usual one pagers, which give mostly background. The Tech Briefs walk through the strengths, weaknesses, and uncertainties facing the technology. If the weaknesses and uncertainties are overcome, these technologies may find themselves in a PipeLinX Report one day.

Support Services

Customized Reports
If your company is interested in a specific area of technology, we can create a customized listing of all viable technologies based on your in-licensing needs. Reports can be provided with customized due diligence aligned with your internal evaluation process.
Pipeline Analysis
If your pipeline is currently overflowing with volume from universities, and you need a better way to handle the problem without missing the next big technology, we can review, score, and rank the technologies for you.
Licensing Support
We are committed to facilitating successful in-licensing efforts between industry and academia. We can assist in any partnering activities with academic institutions, including NDAs, options, licenses, and CRADAs.