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293 EEN 4th gate – Pyramids Gardens, Giza, Egypt
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SAKAN group for Real Estate development


was founded in 2009 with a clear vision and constructive strategy. It advanced in the field through the delivery of numerous housing projects. The uniqueness of their work, as well as their clear vision, offers a new and modern understanding engineering project design.  Sakan’s projects include both residential and commercial units, which are creatively and professionally implemented and designed.

Sakan is characterized by its possession of many properties in the best locations. They are characterized by their unique architectural traits and various land sizes to suit all customers.


Our Services

Real Estate Investment

Sakan working to make a breakthrough in the field of real estate investment and development. It aims to upgrade the level of architecture in Egypt, and therefore, seeks permanent development in its design through innovative and dazzling ideas.


Sakan is characterized by its creative designs and its technical capabilities in implementing projects in a way that suits both, different areas, as well as, varying customer tastes and styles.