These plants are too small. I don't think that they'll grow.

I like to eat fish.

Does anybody care?


Cathryn isn't that handsome.

What did you tell him about it?

He promised to bring new industries to the region, but politicians rarely keep their word.

Do you still want to go?

Do you think it difficult to speak Kadazan?


Come and see me at eleven o'clock.

The next morning, to our great relief, he returned home safe and sound.

People want a solution.


Brad is wasting his talents.


Jill might look the favourite after the first lap of this race, but it's early days.

Brandi is getting rid of his old car.

I'll find you the help you need.


She is out of danger.

Not all men are wise.

"Are you friends with Noemi?" "Yes, he's my roommate."

Lin can't speak French at all.

I have no idea what we're supposed to be doing now.


We've been waiting a long time.


Rajesh got caught speeding.

He turned the problem over in his mind for three days before he did anything about it.

It's clear they thought I was somebody else.

It seemed like too much trouble.

Unfortunately, Gigi didn't have a lifejacket and he couldn't swim.

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I don't care what they think about me.

Dana walked back in through the door.

Two rabbits, a white rabbit and a black rabbit, lived in a large forest.

The drinks at Caleb's daughter's wedding cost him a bundle.

He is a good man for the job.


What caused the power failure?

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It is merely an ornament.

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They didn't like Ralph.

Who knows when Hu Jintao was born?

In addition to English, Mr. Nakajima can speak German fluently.

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Sheffield Wednesday is playing their usual long-ball game.


The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased.

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Why didn't you go to school today?

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There's almost no milk in the glass.

He's as beautiful as the sun.

You'll be seeing Nikolai soon.

There were three deaths in the car crash.

The chairman of the meeting became ill.


I wish summer would never end!

Tanya said he thought he could lend Kelvin some money.

Spike is not a good cook.


She looked at the man.

I'm your roommate Paul.

He was tortured by guilt.


Are you guys Choctaw?

Horst saw both Jones and John getting out of their cars.

We're organized.

Guess what I'm holding in my hand.

Knute asked me who I thought would be at the meeting.


What's the age of the universe?

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The sun caressed his body.

I've done nothing to you.

I am as much in the wrong as you are about not writing before this.

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Spy was wearing a gray suit and a red tie.

Sabrina turned on the radio.

Take a moment to imagine what the polar bear's environment is like.

We saw a bunch of birds.

We should eat lunch together sometime.


I'm sure Knute has forgotten about me by now.

Dewey doesn't know what time it is.

Vincent wouldn't do a thing like that.

Shankar said he wanted to take an afternoon nap.

Never did I expect to see her in such a place.

Don't multi-post, idiot.

The police are here already.

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Jan is a troublemaker, isn't he?

He has nothing to do here.

I need you in my office pronto.

He was destined never to see his wife again.

If you ask a mathematician if he is an adult or a minor, don't be surprised if he answers "yes".

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I don't play games.

And the little black rabbit never looked sad again.

This is a typical loser's sentence.

I already told you.

People keep asking Dan how many languages he can speak.

I never thought Roberto would do that.

I can't speak a word of German.


There are no stars tonight.

And I'm sure I know what caused it.

What's your excuse for being late?

He got a cold from his sister.

It was an amazing game.


Some day, your wishes will come true.

Alice is my mother.

Your book has changed my life.

Standing as it does on a hill, the church commands a fine view.

Great weather, isn't it?

She laughed, with tears in her eyes.

What I don't understand is why the children aren't being allowed to play outside on such a nice day.

May I inquire why you wish to speak to him?

It'd be better if you would come with me.

I cannot wet my hair. It's cold.

It was the night before the day fixed for his coronation, and the young King was sitting alone in his beautiful chamber.

They are free from care and anxiety.

The kind-hearted queen could not refuse her.


My idea was much better.


I fixed the clocks.

Christie invited me to go out on his motorboat.

My jaw hurts.

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Do you know what's wrong with it?


All's fair in love and war.

I think you should read it yourself.

Priests receive health insurance.

Does the government really care?

I really like it, too.

They went out to eat.

Excuse me, what's the shortest route to the station?

The new boxer outboxed the champion.

Phil ought to stay here.


He examined it from top to bottom.

I love that tradition.

It is a love song.

They have a sense of humor.

I had some problems dealing with Shahid.

Mind the gap.

It's one of mine.

I saw the way he was looking at you.

He was appointed ambassador to Britain.

I need to take Monday off.

Tim won't give up.

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Were you an officer in the army?

None of this makes any sense.

They will send us lumber.

What's your favorite convenience store chain?

Don't believe what Honzo said.

I don't think Renu killed Pilot.

The eye is the mirror of the soul.


He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.

How did Gunnar know I was going to be here?

He should have done that long ago.

You know that Jianyun is in love with you, don't you?

Are you saying I'm wrong?


You should begin with books you can easily understand.


I feel bad for him.

He likes all that is sweet.

I'm glad to hear that.


Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.


Not knowing what to expect, Rainer was caught off guard.

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Have you come up with another plan?

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It didn't take you long to get here.

The future belongs to the few among us who are still willing to get their hands dirty.

The fruits suffer the effect of heat.

He unzipped his pants.

Let's all go to Boston together.

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It's finished now.

Many innocent people were saved from the hostage takers.

Linda doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to.

They strolled along the beach.

I'm beginning to get jealous.

Reiner started feeling angry.

His father was a railway worker.

Steven is surly, isn't he?

He or I am to blame.