I've got a terrible toothache.

A woman conceals what she does not know.


Victor acted like he knew everything.

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I'm really tired right now.

I want to know what caused the accident.

I know it'll be tough.

Turn the corner and you'll see the store you're looking for.

Tory dies.

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She could see the ghost of a smile in his expression.

I won't help you.

I want them put in prison.

Insurance companies can no longer drop your coverage when you get sick due to a mistake you made on your application.

He may not be able to come.

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I was astonished that she had done it.

Do you think they'll find him guilty?

I'm scared of big, black, hairy tarantulas!


Is this your tape recorder?

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Niels has arrived on time.

Winston isn't listening.

Heinrich doesn't seem particularly worried.


It is a labor to persuade her.

I'm also interested in Greek mythology.

Do you rent or own?

Prostitution, gambling, the use of narcotic substances, drunkenness, disorder, and all other illegal activities are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

And just who might you be?


Annie made for the door.

Do you want to talk about it or not?

Who is looking up into the sky?

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I know Theo isn't guilty.

Ellen is about to leave.

How do you like these photos? I had them developed today.

You're not the police, are you?

The common language of many Asians is English.


I'm going to call her later.


I guess they really weren't all that happy.

He was sent to save the princess.

Norma couldn't answer any of my questions.

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I asked Vance to turn around.


Evidently, it's going to rain tomorrow.


Humans were never meant to live forever.


I left him a couple messages.

"You look sad." "Actually, I'm quite happy."

On a bad road like this, I can't do more than thirty kilometers an hour.

Celeste helped us save a lot of money.

Were you flirting with her?

I enjoyed my time in Boston.

Have you done this before?

Liber called you.

A dictatorship means muzzles all round and consequently stultification. Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.

Above all, watch your diet.

Lisa speaks not only English but also French.

You've been pretty busy.

Magnus wasn't surprised to hear that Samuel had gotten married.


I'm an artist.


Sjaak wants to move back to Boston.


Kamiya is hanging up the laundry.

Lorenzo doesn't understand that at all.

He said to me: "I lost my textbook yesterday morning".


Let the wedding begin.

Not eating or drinking anything for a couple of days may result in death.

Kikki has never been given anything.


My mother taught me how to make osechi.


I wish we could've helped.


Never mind what happened.

I'm not trying to be lazy.

No jokes please!

He wore a dark sweater.

He came back at 5 o'clock.

He took his defeat hard.

Someone is going to have an awesome childhood.

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He lives in Tokyo.

Such accidents are common.

Greek philosophers placed value on democracy.


Jeannette committed a bank robbery.


What I think doesn't matter.

It's obvious Stuart doesn't like Roxane.

You're not responsible.

We can do that.

It was predictable that this would happen.

This word should be treated as a noun in this case.

I began to get angry.

Jinny had his hair cut really short.

I'll do the shooting.

The sum was written in euro, not in yen.

He won fame as a novelist.

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Why don't you take your temperature?


You can't tell him what to do.


We'll go out tomorrow if the weather permits.


Barry clapped.

That would take about three minutes.

I want to visit Korea.

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There was nothing I could do to help.


What did you have to drink?

I owe Lou money.

Did you call him up yesterday?

I like this coat. May I try it on?

What should I look for?


This has to be done by Monday.

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Jay says that the three of you are his brothers.


In most countries, teachers do not receive high wages.

Lar had blue eyes.

I pawned my guitar in order to pay the rent.

I hear from my mother every month.

He doesn't know the truth yet.


I want you to kiss me.


The decree of a president of the republic expires with an end to the state of emergency.

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This plane can fly at 800 miles an hour.

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Look at all you've accomplished.

She should have done it.

Alexis has been reading a book all afternoon.

She keeps moaning that she has no time.

I'm not as famous as I used to be.


A lot of people in Africa go hungry.

I'm interested in history.

She got her hair done.

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Try to get the story straight.

Julia finally found a shoe she likes.

I shed a tear when I saw the tear in my dress.

It is true that he has a good fast ball, but he is often wild.

He repeated the haunting melody.


Bradford taught me how to surf.

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Thao is like Joey in "Shane".

The patriot sticks to his moral principles.

I can't believe what we were about to do.

That's worth three hundred dollars.

I told you exactly what I saw.

I enjoy talking with them.

There are about twenty of them.

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This plan is fool-proof.

Make sure you'll come.

Shahid got you a gift.

A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.

Why don't you tell Michael how you really feel?


I've discussed my concerns with Mott.


Have you ever given a speech in French?

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I trust my instincts on this one.

List's going commando today.

Don't ruffle my hair.

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Why not just tell us what it is you want to do?

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Tell Michiel who you are.


I knew that Rolf was here somewhere.

Jinchao is just the man for the job.

Can I meet you there?


She moved out of her parents' house.

Does genetic engineering improve nature?

Pablo takes after her mother.

The building replaced several houses.

The catastrophe also claimed victims' lives.


Are you lying to me?