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The Most Important Thing About 2015

It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future, but we’re trying it anyway. Everyone else is doing it. We mixed some of the stuff we’re looking forward to seeing with a few things that we dread. Here are Business as Unusual Changes to government... 5704637538


When large numbers of stupid people use stupid words for a very long time, these words become generally acceptable. When etymological pedigree is rooted in dialectology of the stupid, we all get a little bit dumber. If someone sent you a link to this post,... read more

The Most Important Thing About #ApplePride

I didn’t know much about Apple, but I thought corporations avoided topics this contentious, so I was surprised by this CEO’s response. He continued, “We don’t see this as a political issue, it’s a human rights issue.” My neck snapped back, my eyes widened, and a smile stretched across my face.

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