They'll catch us.

I couldn't do what you do.


Why is Raja leaving so soon?

I can do better than that.

The committee meeting is held twice per month.

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Benjamin looks like a prisoner of war.


I'd like to say that I understand it all very well, but you can understand such only if you've felt it on your own back.

You need to filter the output of this command in order to display only the lines with "foo" inside.

I don't know how many times Kristi has gone to Boston.


You were supposed to do that yesterday.


I'm going to go and get my driver's license.

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We met last night.


The guards kept us from getting inside.

What does this mark mean?

I wish I were as rich as Spyros.

I'm not in control of the situation. Nothing is happening the way I expected.

Leo's lemon cheesecake is to die for.


It is feared that those citizens now present will run away.

She loves him for what he is, not for what he has.

To whom do we owe the discovery of penicillin?

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I'd like to rent a two-room apartment.

Fear of death is worse than death itself.

I don't have any pictures of Pamela.

I'm the one who ought to apologize.

The time has come for goodbyes.

OK, sorry, see you tomorrow.

If you don't make it back in time for the meeting, I'll kill you.

The village tried to do away with school meals.

This project turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

I thought I'd never find Claudia.

I'll find my own way back.

Clyde fell to the ground.

I'll be counting on you to bring the drinks.


Several others were seriously wounded.

Patricia couldn't go on the hike because he wasn't feeling well.

I'm not leaving without you.

You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Do you have any foreign books?

He joined us.

What do you think is the chance that that will happen?


Children need love.


A huge tanker put off just now.

Have you ever tried skating on the river?

At last a good idea struck me.


I'm busy now, but we can talk during lunch.

Val didn't give me a choice.

Nici didn't want to walk the tightrope without a net.


This was a gift from Theo.

Ritchey wouldn't do something like this.

He unbuttoned his shirt.

Ellen is up to his neck in debt.

This is really funny.


I could see that.

This book has 252 pages exclusive of illustrations.

"Is it the first time you've been here?" "Yes, it's my first visit."

Manny, what would you do?

Suzanne needs you here.

Nothing is to be seen but water.

We'll help him, but not now.

Finnish is the mother tongue of my children.

It's a commonly-used technique.

He stood on the hill surveying the landscape.

Half of the melon was eaten.


Second thoughts are best.

Please tell me what's happening.

Nobody understands it.


How do you fix this?


She has already spoken with the President.

She knows where the house is.

He arrived three days ago.

Do you know what Horst's plans are?

I'm an hour late.

It's more beautiful here than I expected it to be.

St James Palace represents her, William and his brother Harry, and now regards her "induction" as complete.

Kiki is trying on shoes.

I've seen them here before.

Most jellyfish stings aren't deadly, but many are pretty painful nonetheless.

The population of the world is increasing very fast.


You should ask her.

I want to die on that night!

Jeany is going to kill all of you.

I'm not hiding the truth from them.

She knows five languages, but when she wants to swear, she does so in her maternal language.

Take that away.

Listen, my son!

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I know you hired us.

How many are in your party?

They're here until the end of the week.

Where did you dazzle them?

The root of a flower is as weak as a baby's finger.

Pinocchio understood that the boys had played a trick on him.

I sharpened a pencil with a knife.


She would have come willingly, but she was on vacation.


We often spend the weekends together.

You seem to have some trouble understanding what I'm trying to tell you.

The passengers came on board all at the same time.

Do you really think it won't happen?

It's twelve o'clock.


Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.


What did you feed the dog?

She looked him straight in the eyes.

Four times five is 20.


Don't leave the riddle.

The next time I tell you to do something, do it.

We have plenty of time now.

Noemi's parents are dead.

You said you'd get something to eat.

Dan didn't even shave his beard.

Goodness is abstract, a kind act is concrete.

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All will go except you.

Do you understand what the problem is?

We had to keep it a secret.


Werner is a lousy dancer.


What makes you think that I know how to do this any better than you do?

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Frederic will be waiting for Milner.


Running the store is becoming a burden to him.

If life is ridiculous and absurd, be glad that it is not tedious.

Turkeer is not a girly girl.

The cave was so dark that they had to feel their way.

I know you hired an accountant.

Himawan fled to Canada.

Did you see a good film last time?

How dare you speak of love, you who never knew Lola?

I wonder whether a person can live on only two hours of sleep a night.


We'll wait for you.

You'll understand why one of these days.

Why are you so poor when you're so smart?

They're just human.

I worked with Lowell.


Luckily, I was able to travel abroad.


I'd like to go, too.

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I very much hope that I did not pressure him, but that he came with us of his own volition.

You seem distracted today.

In 1916 Einstein published his general theory of relativity. This theory linked gravitation, acceleration and the four dimensional space-time.

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There are some cat's tracks on the table.

All her carefully made plans began to unravel one by one.

That's reversing the logical order of things.

Positivity is the way to go, not negativity.

What a team!

He is so nice a fellow.

Swimming develops our muscles.

I've been told Nate has been in an accident.

There were no laws for people to abide by.


Dan slipped through the fingers of the police.

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We can't just leave them behind.

Marriage frightens some people.

Has he got money?

Can you remember his name?

My life, my rules.


The alphabet consists of 26 letters.

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Tell us how to get to Root's house.

He is out of pocket.

Nothing will hinder her study.


Lowell doesn't want to play tennis on Sunday.

I'm trying to protect him.

Michiel wouldn't let me quit.

You're going to regret this.

What else do you remember?

Cliff's children can't speak French.

You know what I am talking about.