Sekar sings quite well.

I want to go to Australia one more time before my passport expires.

We haven't received any help from anyone.

What if we get caught?

I just want to hear you say that again.

Emil is wearing braces.

You should stop peeking when people are using their cellphones.

I need you both to go now.

Tigger showed Pontus a photo of John.

Norman died a half year later.

How did you handle it?

Theo isn't lazy.

I am very sad today.

Can you suggest something that may be more useful?

Prepare yourself for the day when robots are at your side.

Is anyone going to eat that?

She's married to a dentist.

He is always a step or two ahead of the times.

They stepped a few paces forward.

I think it's time for me to contact her.

Thunder rolled with menacing crashes.

He never had success with women.

Adrian seemed to be unable to concentrate.

I didn't know whether I wanted to go to university.

Hurry up, the summer is almost over...

As a rule, I go to school before eight o'clock.

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Do you know someone here?


I left in kind of a hurry.


He traveled all over the world.

I think the first thing you might want to do is put some gasoline in your car.

I don't want to lie to her.

Have you ever done this before?

Congratulations! You're a clown.

Kusum's ties are always too loud.

Hand me the dictionary there, please.

I married a Canadian.

Words failed him.


Ian unbuttoned his jacket.

Don't turn up the volume of TV anymore.

When is this supposed to happen?


Ritchey recited her poem so movingly, so forcefully, that she brought the audience to tears. Even hard-headed Jane searched for her handkerchief.

They accepted the proposition.

John and Kirk want to tell us something.

He repaired his watch by himself.

Sharan is a great cook.


Kriton handed Julius a glass of water and two aspirins.


I talk a lot.

This old building has seen better days.

One of the first goals when learning a foreign language which uses another writing system should be to assimilate this very writing system as quickly as possible.

I never could do it.

"How long does it take to get to Vienna on foot?" "Sorry, I'm a stranger here."

A cat may look at a king.

That's really hard.

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It was in Kyoto that I first met her.

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Her car is two years old.

It's just time for children to go to bed.

He hates his neighbor.


I am studying to be a translator or interpreter.

We can see distant objects with a telescope.

That shouldn't even be a question.

Let's get out of here before the cops get here.

Where are the police?


When air dries, the throat dries, and cough comes out.

Should I repeat that?

I can't let you drink by yourself. Let me join you.


I'm waiting for her to come here.

He wanted to meet me.

They laughed at the photograph of my boyhood.

Miles is with the FBI.

This tie is not suitable for a situation like this.

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Devon climbed down from the roof.


You've got to calm down.

Billie seemed embarrassed.

He is twice as old as I.

I wonder if I hurt his feelings.

I always get home by six o'clock.

Tatoeba tells me to go screw myself.

This is a reasonable price.

Bad things are going to happen.

I won't blow you off again.

It may seem obvious, but sentences you write yourself look the most natural.

Whether to translate is a moral choice of the translator. Sometimes things are better to be left alone in the language which produced them.

We have kept in constant touch for twenty years.

Where are you taking Case?

No one will stop me.

I think Benjamin might feel the same way you do.

Anna has chestnut brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

Have you ever sharpened this knife?

Where is he standing?

Rather than working for a low salary, it is better for us to be unemployed.

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Her face lit up.

Suzanne told Graham that he wouldn't be able finish the job in the amount of time she'd given him.

Patrice picked up some pretty shells on the beach.

I'm feeling good this morning.

Skeeter asked Willie to recite the poem she wrote.


I haven't eaten chocolate since I was thirteen.


He is as grave as a judge.

Don't you want Reiner to know you were right?

I'm not convinced that's justified.

Hers is a respectable family with a long history behind it.

Can you send that by email?


We need a little sugar.

His hair has turned silver.

The government will provide interest-free loans to firms that participate in the program.

The bullet glanced off the target.

He doesn't look himself this morning.

You must be very careful with this.

The dog ran around and around.

Kamel really likes your painting.

He always leaves the window open while he sleeps.

Where can I find him?

This is a serious setback.

They are in favor of the plan.

I love how the French spell their word for ladybug.

I missed you a lot while you were in Boston.

Alright, mom, I get it!

It can't be that.

I never believed it.

I tried my best to help you.

They seem scared.


Is it almost time for dinner?

She has red flowers.

Would you teach me to surf?


He called you.

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They're your competition.

The police never caught the guy who attacked Ofer.

You are entitled to your opinion.

The laundry rack is always in the way!

Robin experienced a pain in his leg.

A wise businessman knows how to clamp down on costs.

I never had any reason to doubt Reiner.


I told you it wasn't mine.


Can you explain why you turned down their proposal?

That made us angry.

The doctor cauterised the wound.

Sheer badness is just one of her fine qualities.

She has a large staff working for her.

I don't happen to have your application on hand at the moment.

Meehan took this picture.

My aunt had three children.

What happened to your face?

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They are foolish.

Bear in mind that you're a guest here and should behave accordingly.

We want to help.


I said it wasn't possible.


His broken health led them to put him in the nursing home.

Take it all.

The boys are noisy.


Nici has attempted to escape at least three times.

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That was the only difference.

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You haven't finished your coffee.

I'm fearless.

Mischief is common to most children.

I know some dirty jokes, but I don't tell them.

Would you like to play with Kathryn?

Momentum is defined to be the mass of an object multiplied by the velocity of the object.

I told you I have a girlfriend.

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I forgot your number.

She fell ill a week ago.

Chicken pox is a common sickness in children.

Have you checked our store lately?

I'll have to call back.

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Is it true that you wanted to buy a car from Germany?


The most advanced voice recognition techniques are based on neural networks.

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I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs.

Dominick has a couple of friends in Boston.

My phone number has changed.