This is my Small Linux Ubuntu Server.

It's what this web page is running on.

wordpress/wp-login.php Log in to WordPress blog program.

forum2/login.php Put forum2 in URL So bots don't get on. Log in to the forum web page. All types of messages can be here.

mettlesome Show hardware info. Of small server as it is now.

wordpress Home page for wordpress. To read it.

2816711367 Home page for forums. To read it.

618-660-4097 A vBulletin 3 Test Script. Database = test. Username = root. No Password.

(831) 440-1909 Backup of Commodore web pages on the net

(608) 596-5749 Nice way to display pictures and comment on them.

Chat Lots of people can type and all see it together.

awstats See the web statistics this this web page.

How I made my Small Server Made a web page telling how I made and what I did to this mall Server.

calendar Log in calendar.236-361-5241

(205) 283-4946

iZeit calendar. I like this one the best.

Raymond Day Google Calender.


This is how the inside.