The struggle to find an ideal roommate is real. We have the cure.

How We Find Your Ideal Roommate

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    Unsure of where you want to land? Browse potential roommates from multiple cities all at once!

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    By getting to know you, we’ve covered all the bases to ensure that you’re well informed about each potential roommate.

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    Through our profile scanning algorithm and linking your social media, we’ll show you what friends, interests and living habits you have in common.

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    We’re all about creating successful roommate relationships and cultivating new friendships.

Scientifically-Designed Personality Testing

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    Personality Assessment

    We worked with a Personality and Social Psychology expert to develop a 24 question survey designed to determine what ‘type’ of roommate you are.

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    Roommate Types

    Based on your answers, you’ll be deemed one of six roommate types with a description of your characteristics and attributes.

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    View your potential roommate’s personality type to know if you’ll vibe before committing to a lease and avoid a living nightmare.

About Us

The idea for Roomaters was actually born back in 2012 when a group of friends living together in NY were discussing “what’s next” as their lease came close to an end. They agreed that life would be so much easier if a service existed to help like-minded individuals connect with each other in order to share living space and expenses. Fast forward to 2017...


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