I don't need favors.

What are you doing here anyway?


He is a good man for all I know.

You don't entirely trust us, do you?

That made no sense whatsoever.


I was crying when he released her.

Do you do any volunteer work?

He wants a banana.

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The bus had already left when we got to the bus stop.

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Who knows when Lorraine was born?

Allan has put on weight since the last time I saw him.

It is hard to be successful at both study and club activities.

I'm here because of her.

She always complains of her teacher.

You are a liar.

There are many trees growing in front of the library.

I read your new book with real delight.

Has the Foreign Secretary arrived yet?

I'm flabbergasted.

It's a crime against nature.

The benefits outweigh the costs.

Micky locked himself out of his house.


Tiefenthal had a lot to do.

This is an extremely important correction.

I need to know that Pascal is happy.


You're free now.


Without water, no creature could live.

The pike is not yet struck.

How many symphonies did Beethoven write?

Can I speak to you for a minute?

Marek isn't easy to impress.

You should go to the police and check it out yourself.

Doing that was easier than I thought it would be.

Dannie planted some flower seeds in his garden.

Maurice asks a lot of questions.


You guys can't be serious.

Don't spend the whole night preparing yourself.

The young should respect the old.


I think prostitutes are victims and troubled girls.


That doesn't make any difference.

Why are you clearing the garden?

Everyone ignored us.

She was getting used to queer things happening.

She didn't want to do it.


I live in a small apartment.

You'd better go with him.

Did you take it back?

His skill qualifies him for the job.

I'm going to need a sponge.

The test samples were due to arrive three days ago.

People are still starving.

Why doesn't she kiss me anymore?

Just give me the gun.

Let me out, somebody. I'm locked in.

We are groping for a way out of the present situation.

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There is something else.

I'll take this trail.

Business is business!


Are you sure we have enough food?

By love alone is enmity allayed.

I'm easily bored.

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Let's try!

Mick has a pacemaker.

Who else is here?


Isn't it strange?

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Annie pulled out the nails.

Why did Alf ask Rob to do that?

I can try to talk to June about the matter.

Do you promise you won't tell anyone?

Even with all his money, he's unhappy.

She is Canadian.

He promised not to tell.

Thanks for volunteering.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would stay.

I've been hoping to meet you.

We spent seven thousand dollars on drinks in total.

I feel like someone is watching us.

Andrea doesn't understand Heinrich at all.


I'll keep it for her.

You are sure to succeed in time.

We had been rival lovers at one time.

It's so impersonal.

Do you have any idea who he is?

It's really none of your business.

I just want to humiliate Harris.


You can't charge that much.

Pim ate some of my rice while I was away from the table.

He is smelling the soup.

According to statistics, world population is on the rise.

Uploading is the opposite of downloading.

I've been tormented by regret.

Juno will determine the global structure and motions of Jupiter's atmosphere below the cloud tops for the first time.

Why are you dressed?

He said the words in a very small voice.

She never stops complaining.

How many times a month do you go to the mall?

Patty tore the letter to bits.

Who would've cared?

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It's warm enough today to bring out a slight sweat.

Would you please stop pacing around like that and just sit down for a second?

I'd like you to stop.


Floria organized the event.

Vaccines deliver antibodies that fight disease.

It lasted for twenty years.

Bush isn't interested in oil.

Rudolph made the mistake of trying to do it alone.

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Japanese people exchange gifts in order to communicate.

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I want a scooter.

No one knows his name.

Doyle is on maternity leave now.

I met her in the winter three years ago.

She hired him as an interpreter.


Is the flight on schedule?

I only wanted to do some good.

It was a wonderful day.


Mr. Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to.


It wouldn't hurt to tell me.

There was a tense silence, when the curtain fell.

Amigo still doesn't speak much French.

He had a little piano on wheels, and a poor thin monkey which sat on top of it.

I'm so glad you could make it.

You need to look in all directions before crossing the street, even at a crosswalk when the light is green.

John isn't well enough to go to school today.

Shaw often borrows money from me.

I'll get a cab.

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I'll go right now.

The soul that desires God to surrender himself to it entirely must surrender itself entirely to him without keeping anything for itself.

It is a lounge.

Who's the oldest person you know?

I like the black blouse more than the blue.


Dory was apparently very convincing.

I'm kind of hoping Jin doesn't come to the party.

I made him do so.

I never said that to Srinivasan.

Bob is such a nice person that everybody likes him.


May I ask what you're intending to do?

I thought Lisa would meet Lois.

He asked me if I liked mathematics.

Do you let Jeannette tell you what to do?

Kayvan lives in a house without running water.


It was just as I thought.

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Many people shop here.

It caught me off guard; I didn't know what to do.

I loved her manicured nails.

Taking care of animals is a valuable experience.

I meant no harm.

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Bill is in a bad mood this morning.


The show is just starting.

It isn't a secret.

I left my umbrella here last week.

I do my own stunts.

Explode, pig!

He promised to come home early tonight.

Manjeri had three dogs.


Could you make out a certificate of health?

She was born lucky.

I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job.

I thought you'd agree with me.

They read newspapers and books.

You can't take away these books.

Francisco used to work for our company.

An international crew, typically consisting of six members, resides on the ISS for approximately six months at a time.

You should never fail to make efforts.

Francis stood perfectly still.

English was spread by the British Empire and it developed independently from it in each country.

I've heard no complaints.

He is bound to make a fortune.