Terri wanted to know what happened.

I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.

She gave him all the details.

I've already talked to the manager.

She cut the crusts off her sandwich.

Natto smells awful but tastes delicious.

I don't live with Amigo.

My parents know my girlfriend.

I'll do my best to be there by 2:30.

They played miniature golf.

You know this is nonsense.

Nathan died just a few hours after Angela died.

He's sitting on the fence.


She invited me to the ballet.

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No, he doesn't have a motive.

Do you really want to help Hurf?

Duke yanked the curtains closed.

Pack what you need.

You have to listen to them.

Mix three eggs and a cup of sugar.

Don't do it! It's stupid and dangerous.


Let me know in case you feel sick.

Larry is generous, isn't he?

The Quakers are a religious people.

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People do not live to eat but eat to live.


His passport was stolen.

We were made to practice three hours a day by the manager.

Congratulations to you!

I disobeyed you.

It's only half the story.

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I know what's wrong with you.

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The driver could not distinguish the signal in the fog.

Everybody felt they had to do something.

Aren't you enjoying yourself?


Peter arrived from the city yesterday.


Both Nichael and Annie study French.

You'd better do what you've been told to do.

Linder certainly looks nothing like his father.

They're crazy, these Romans!

We've come here to help.

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The agitator is inclined to exaggerate trivial matters.

Good actions are never in vain.

Nuh-uh, that's not true.

The new teacher was a disappointment to the class.

Why is dad in the kitchen?

She stopped sewing and had some tea.

I'm pretty sure I had a tetanus shot.

Why does Giovanni have to do that?

Leon and Josh said they were leaving.

Kerry may choose whichever color he likes.

I think I will go to London after finishing high school.

I like to invent useful things.

If you want me to help, just ask.

Both of them arrived at the same moment.

Do your children speak French?

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You'd better not do that again.

She was very surprised at the news.

He came down with a cold and had to be away from work.

What don't you like about your handwriting?

He died of natural causes.

Kirk usually studies two or three hours a day.

Erwin tried to hold back his tears.

Anxious for a quick decision, the chairman called for a vote.

An olive branch symbolises peace.

I shouldn't have been so rude.

Kikki said I might be wrong.

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You're going to tell us everything.

Please don't ask unnecessary questions.

An hour's walk brought me to the next village.

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How is it going in the fish market?

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I thought you should know.

It's been decided.

Carlo and Horst are helicopter parents.


But for my brother's help, I would have been drowned.

I'm writing a letter to Fred.

The apartment building is on fire.

The rose has thorns only for those who want to touch it.

Do you not play tennis?

The decision was still in the air.

You said I could talk to them.


I meant that as a joke.

It's nearly six o'clock.

She proudly displayed her jewels.

I'm unconvinced.

We're tired of this.

"I'm in a terrible hurry... for reasons I can't say," Dima replied to the woman. "Please, just let me try on that suit there."

Allow one hour to reach the airport.


Mum often says that time is money.


I know that you are in love with me.

Nancy is almost as old as I am.

He was killed in the battle.

I've decided to give Toby another chance.

The stain disappeared after we washed the shirt.


How long did you know him?

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By the end of the century, the earth will have experienced a dramatic increase in temperature.

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When a person is praying one day, and then he sins six days, the Great Spirit is angry, and the Evil Spirit laughs.


We wondered at his display of magic.

You hate the rules.

Reinhard wasn't surprised when Erwin showed up early.

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Could you show me the campus?

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It seems as he is not going to get ahead.

You don't sound confident.

Tell me you understand what needs to be done.

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I can't get at my luggage.


We go to Odawara castle.

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I've paid you already.

He was laughed at by his friends.

There is also one type of idealism that says even without strength or intelligence you can do anything if you can merely persist.

It's really nasty.

You know what's about to happen, right?


I went camping last summer.

It shouldn't matter either way.

Venkata's voice is so sexy! It really makes my chest tight!

That's your choice.

Valerie is the singer in our band.


I'd like to sit here for a moment.

She is playing with a doll.

But for your help I could not have got over the hardship.

He is a dentist by profession.

His large income enables him to travel abroad every year.

She receives lots of visitors.

He was not satisfied at all.

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He is a methodical person.


I'm a little crazy.

You're the weird one.

Do you want me to call and see if I can get you an appointment?

They walked around.

You probably don't remember me.


Dude, you can't just go up to a woman and grope her. That's sexual harassment!

They are discussing the problem.

How did you come up with this?


You weren't doing anything illegal.


Are you ambitious?

Mott is a police detective.

I'm glad I found this out.

China is a huge country.

He stays up till late at night.


I managed to repair my car by myself.

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Japanese is not used in this country.

Have you ever heard this opera sung in Italian?

I still don't know yet.

I admire your scruples, Pierette.

Sonny asked me if he could borrow my car.

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We'll try to do our best.

Vijay is brushing his teeth.

That's actually pretty clever.


Why did Jean-Christophe kill himself?

Sandy's family loved Glynn.

I think you'll be impressed.


Put down your weapons!

Hunter and Jean-Pierre had a couple of beers.

Don't speak ill of others.

Barrio washed his clothes.

Do you know what I want?


All men can be criminals, if tempted; all men can be heroes, if inspired.

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She dreamed of becoming a nurse.


We can't stay for dinner.