It is dependent on you if we will buy it or not.

What's your hurry?

I'm not quite sure who we should hire.

I finally met him today.


He is qualified as an English teacher.

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Who's watching the kids?


I'll have your daughter.


She need not have paid the money.


That's a little vague.

I can't stop thinking about what they did to me.

I'm not sure I want that.


He's an authority in his field.

She was advised by him to stop smoking.

He still sticks to his opinion.

Srinivasan used to be a long distance truck driver.

Dimetry says he wasn't here yesterday. It must've been someone else you saw.


That could be what happened to Tiefenthal.


What exactly is it that you want me to say?

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Christmas is the birthday of one whose chief contribution to the human heart and mind was his message of boundless, universal love. He brought to the world the greatest thing in the world and that is why the season of his birth has won such an intimate place in our heart.

Jose is pudgy.

When you tell people you're depressed, they foolishly assume that you're sad or upset, failing to comprehend how profound an emotion depression truly is.

Frederic has given a lot of money to charity.

Someone told me that Matthew left work.

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We should do our best to make things different.

In China, they celebrate New Year by the lunar calendar.

What did you want to show me?

You need to help me do this.

Marsh announced that Panos was missing.

Radek stood in the doorway.

In other areas of the city, fighting continued.


You captured nothing.

We've had several meetings.

I hope I won't still be ill next week.

Phiroze was thoughtless, wasn't he?

A wise man would not do such a thing.

I do that once a week.

I can be here for a while longer if you need me.

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It's easier to replace a dead man than a good picture.

There was an emergency on the road.

A variety of books are displayed there.


We're too busy.

I'd like to talk to Debi again.

I need to know exactly what happened here yesterday.

Arne is just getting warmed up.

Her family, as a matter of fact, knew nothing about her friends.


Many Belarusians came to work naked after their president asked them to "get undressed and work."

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Martha has been in the hospital for a long time.

The construction of this project will provide 2,000 jobs.

Look at that girl. She's really cute.

His aim is to become a lawyer.

As yet, the project is in the air.

Everyone around here likes Paola.

That must be heavy.


Can I get you a refill?

I've been shopping here for ages.

Taking everything into consideration, he can't be the criminal.

I think I'd rather not eat that.

Let me know when you need me again.


Some are wise and some are otherwise.

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They went to the museum of natural history.

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If the lights go out, light a candle.


Lenny's father left her all of his money.


Sanity flew to Boston on business.


Why don't you go home early today?

The floor is so dirty that It requires washing.

Jelske knows my number.


It's a complicated question to answer.

She pulled down the blinds.

I'm nowhere near thirty.


My legs are smaller than yours.

Don't risk your health by over drinking.

It happened that there was a meeting on that day.

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Quit wallowing in your postmodern, wangsty aimlessness and stand up for something!

She has a habit of coughing before she speaks.

He comes home at ten.

Does she live near you, sir?

I need what you have.


You should vote.

I asked around about Ann.

Let's not ruin it.


Has Eva had any visitors?

He banged the door in anger.

Be a good girl.

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It was a forced smile.

He was killed in the battle.

I should like to get away without his knowing it.

They had two daughters, who became famous pianists.

You can complain 'til the cows come home, but it's not going to make a bit of difference.

I heard you got married.

An opportunity arose for me to work in China, so I went and spent a year there.

This deodorant leaves white stains on my shirt.

I think you fall well within 'cute girl'. You'd easily go and pass in his judgement.


He appeared at exactly five o'clock.


What do you have in your pockets?

Why don't I go get them?

The policeman blamed me for ignoring traffic rules.

I advise you to listen to me.

She never stops complaining.


Tickets are $13 online and $15 at the door.


John couldn't understand why Shirley had to leave.


Rusty could hardly wait to hear the news.

Neal is very interested in learning French.

I see some fishing boats on the horizon.

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It is said that the book is a bestseller in Britain.

Smoking has affected his lungs.

You made the mistake on purpose, didn't you?


Myrick has a special place in my heart.

I wish Yvonne had never gotten out of prison.

Making money is his religion.


Why are beautiful things so fragile?

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The room I've moved into recently gets plenty of sunshine.

That can't be good for your health, can it?

I'll have to mention it to Kirk.


Do you eat bell peppers?

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I remember it like it happened yesterday.

You've given birth to a healthy baby boy.

I hope the interview would be of profit.

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He's certainly getting along in years.

He scraped his knee in a fall.

When applying to American universities, your TOEFL score is only one factor.


Neville's body never was recovered.


We have to nip this problem in the bud before it gets any worse.

If you've got the time help out with our relative's work.

You already know you're my best friend.


Why didn't you tell Cathryn you were hungry?

Why would Sergio want to help me?

These rules don't apply anymore.

Oskar was in pain, but tried to hide it.

It is suggested that the meeting be preponed.


How did you arrive at that conclusion?

Some kinds of food make us thirsty.

The children are lined up for the bus.


The adrenal glands secrete adrenalin.

How is this called?

I see your mind's made up.


Rex can swim better than Jose.


Dan told me you were busy.

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Charles thought Ilya knew how to program in Python, JavaScript and Perl.

I've kind of gotten used to the weather.

I'm afraid at night.

It sounds like you still love Ramsey.

Per saw Vice in the audience.

The situation was getting difficult to deal with.

She likes dancing in a disco better than skiing.


You were right about one thing.

Let's go by car.

Jesus just did me a big favor.

I should've worn gloves.

I had a nice chat with Mikey.

Who doesn't want love and affection?

Casey wouldn't listen to me.