Various Strategies are often used to engineer a particular risk profile to movements in an underlying security.

With our tools, you can create, deploy, and test new trading strategies before making a trade.

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Web Crawler

Collect data from various sources and store it into a single coherent repository

Automate data collection with our crawling agent that stores in our MongoDB database for quick retrieveal

Data Analysis

Use our historical database of Stock Options to test various strategies (BearCall, BullPut...)

Integration of our WebCrawler allows for on demand calculation on live data sources

Generate Summary

Generate Summary tool allows for a given date range to be tested on the strategy's probability of success calculation vs. the reality of the trade

With more data collected, you can trade and adjust your trading strategies with confidence

Our Amazing Team

Meet the team responsible for this project

Nuthapol Suppakitjarak

Software Engineer

Nick Hamberg

Quantitative Researcher

Jeff Forlenza

Risk Analysis

Our Timeline

Options Trade Team Formed

New Year Resolution, Millions 2020


Project Feasability Analysis

Research various Stock Option Strategies and the legalities. Project automation needs.


Options Trade Research

Manual data collection and test of BullPut and BearCall trading strategies


WebCrawler Deployment

Automation of our data collection


WebPortal Deployment

Develop UI for crawler and additonal tools


Data Analysis Automation

Automation of our data calculation and on demand integration


Summary Generation

On demand summary generation


Research New Strategies

Protective Collar, Long Straddle, Iron Butterfly, Black-Scholes Model


Integrate IBM Bluemix

Integrate Watson for sentiment anlysis of twitter data. Develop Machine learning algorithm for optimal trades