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Glenn felt sick.

It's getting darker outside now.

This world is just an insane asylum.

It was difficult to live on his meager earnings.

Can someone take our picture?

I need to repair that.

Raul solved the problem.

The decision belongs to him.

I know where they're taking Marci.

Can I take them home?

I've decided to apply to Harvard.

I'm richer than you.

You need to come with us.

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Sam violently kicked the garbage can.

Does anyone know how to use Photoshop?

Suu was the third victim.

Get your paws off of me.

I've never been to Australia.

Like it?

Nobody messes with Jill.


I'm dying to know what you think.

You have no idea what true love is.

I understand her frustration.


I knew No would try to convince Alan not to go.

You turned off the computer.

He is, as it were, a grown up baby.

There was no evidence against him found at the scene.

Where is the difference?

She hurried to the station so as not to miss the train.

I can say that now, but a little while ago I hated you.

He wets his bed.

We can't forget them.

You should tell Angela where to put that.

Every lock of Jun's hair was in place.

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I just can't wait to get home.

Harry is an American actor.

Lucy's mother told her to take care of her younger sister.

Are you on a diet?

We ought to have talked it over much earlier.

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You won't find another deal like this one.

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Can you explain what PKO stands for?

Good medicine is bitter.

We talked about what we could do.

Mongo won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Anne and I often give each other presents.

Earn money on the races! Know-how collection on horse racing will have you raking it in!

Tell them it's a priority.


I don't want to intrude.

I have a lot of calls to make.

I took two cold tablets before I laid down.

Lievaart got me the job.

I'll see you whenever it suits you.


Mick doesn't remember agreeing to help Tait.

Are you guys talking about me?

I have already visited the United States.

But your mother is going too.

A possible side effect of the contraceptive pill is a loss of sex drive.


I'm not always right.

The gentlemen at this table were naval commanders during the first Gulf War.

There's something we have to get straight.

I'm really not interested in history.

You've got a good head on your shoulders.

Imagine being that baby!

We plunged into the cave opening on our boat and continued on.


How long have you worked in Boston?


Adlai thought it was easy.

Lila is busy and can't meet with you right now.

Is she that good?

Blayne is a little taller than I am.

"I am sorry," sighed the boy.

He is not a businessman but a diplomat.

I thank you very much for your kindness.

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I was shy.


It's been a bad week for me.

I hate Murat.

The music carried me back to my childhood.

Celeste couldn't have said it any better than you did.

Johnathan and Pablo planned John's surprise party together.

Sassan took cover.

Son, I love you.

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Distance is the only thing that the rich are willing for the poor to call theirs, and keep.


This train has no luggage van.

I wonder what our langauge sounds like to a non-native speaker.

She stepped on a mushroom.


He sometimes visits me.

Did she intend to come to Germany?

Anyone that enjoys animal suffering deserves to die.

That doesn't give you grounds for complaining.

She's a superstar.


I want to play on the computer.

Hasn't anyone seen them?

Laurianne couldn't answer all of Randy's questions.

I shall not change my mind, no matter what happens.

External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge. No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him.

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Suddenly a man appeared, packed my suitcase and ran away.

Ping told me I should get myself a girlfriend.

Gail didn't bring a camera.


Wow, look at all this.

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I have to learn how to shoot.

Many people do this.

And the Oscar goes to Rolf!

You don't seem so busy.

I hope Hank doesn't do anything stupid.

Could I ask a favor of you?

Now, why do you suppose that is?

He has managerial talent.

Don't leave your baby crying.

Tor is useful.

Greg cut the wire and defused the bomb.

Grandpa fell down the stairs and got a serious injury.

The cat is in the house.

I just couldn't make Manavendra understand.

Jerome didn't get home until after midnight.


Your wish is a command for me.

This necklace is so beautiful that I'd like to buy in for my wife.

I wish Rik were on our team.


We sleep not to sleep, but to act.

There's always next year.

By whom was the island discovered?


He believed the merchant entirely.

It's about time to sleep.

I'd like to know where I left my umbrella.

The crocodile trapped the gnu as it tried to cross the river.

Who sold you this car?

I have confidence in Ken.

Write to them.

Everybody likes me.

Barry wasn't lying.


Now, how can I help you?

Even Lynn got up early today.

I haven't found it yet.

Ozan asked Danny if she'd seen John.

If mankind does not put an end to war, war will put an end to mankind.

Do you want to play with Andries?

Farouk will tell you the truth.

Bob is out having drinks with Jeannie.

I want something to drink.

I'm going back to look for her.

Do you see that boy over there?


Trent lives by himself.

We've got one hour to find him.

You should have your house built by a trustworthy builder.

I saw what was happening.

He disagrees with his relatives.


The impossible was achieved.

The pupils absorbed all the knowledge the teacher gave them.

Do you think Sanand is weak?

They drink cola.

I have a lot riding on this.

She does not speak many languages.

Moe never failed to keep his promise.

I asked him to open the door, but he would not do so.

Bring your sister next time.

I'm afraid I find myself compelled to agree with Oskar on that.

He has a passion for fishing.

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I think this is the best Chinese restaurant in Boston.

I think Giovanni is a terrible father.

I am tempted to doubt your friendship.


Blair knocked Lisa down.

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He will eventually ruin himself.


I'm too lazy to wake up at six o'clock in the morning.

She would have liked to peep in, but could not do such a thing.

My headache is finally gone.

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Sundar said he saw Courtney yesterday.

Dannie can stay with me if he wants.

Terry is in bed with a cold.

Rod had no choice except to accept the consequences.

That home brew of Kay's packs a punch.