EvoATM Exchange - Your digital asset that earns money fit for the future


Your digital asset that earns money fit for the future

Main features

• Robust 2-way model
• Features a 19’’ touch-screen
• Best-in class bill validator
• Money recycler to ease up the money supply chain intervention:
- Max bills in recycler: 4 x 100 bills (recycler boxes) + 500 bills (feed box) + 1000 bills (storage box) => total 1900 bills
- Max. no of cassette bills/bill types: 4
- Bill cassette types allready configured: for Euro (20, 50, 100) for RON (50, 100, 200)
• Dedicated QR scanner
• Dedicated thermal printer
• High definition camera
• Secured pin-pad
• SMS validation service
• ID Scanner
Power supply: 220 V
XX Wide, XX Deep, XX Tall
Weight: xx kg
Lead Time: xxx

Customer features

• Easy to purchase Bitcoin with friendly interface
• ATM prints receipt with transaction details
• ATM prints paper wallet with cryptocurrency public and private keys
• Transfer cryptocurrency to sell with a simple QR scan
• Great way to introduce customers to the world of cryptocurrencies
• Ability to create and use EvoBitcoin wallet
• SMS verification and validation function

Benefits to ATM Operator

• Make your ATM a destination for a new set of customers
• Own a digital asset that earns money fit for the future
• Enter in the Known and trusted EvoATM network with visibility in our ATM location map
• Easy to implement
• Professional Crypto-Exchange Hardware Owned
• New revenue acquired from crypto exchange
• Get extra revenue from ATM publicity slides for marketing services
• Turn bitcoin buyers into repeat customers
• Cryptocurrency currently supported: Bitcoin
• Fiat currently supported: EURO, RON
• ATM with all AML/KYC features required
• Remote management with email notification on different events: transaction done, cash level stored reached, etc
• Auto retraction of the print receipt if it has not been taken
• Acces to our own developed ERP management software for the entire business (reports, stocks, invoices, price and security management, safety algorithms, atm status)

Coming Soon

• Ability to redeem cash from any location of the ATM network

Key points

• Simple
• Reliable
• Secure
• Convenient

Financial Consideration

• ATM operators can earn revenue on every cryptocurrency transaction and can offer their own sell/buy crypto price [no limits set]

Price: xxxx EUR

* No shipping cost included

ATM bitcoin Services Price / unit
1. ATM Management Hosting (**) 50 euro/month/ATM
2. Publicity fee for ATM slides (**) 50 euro/month (for every ATM slide)
3. ATM technical inspection [at request] -> it must be made at each maximum 24 months (**) 100 euro/ATM (without delegation fees)
4. SMS services for registering + transaction validation (**) 0.068 euro/sms / month
5. ATM fee for relocation [remote reconfiguration in the network] 30 euro / relocation
6. Royal tax ATM software exchange 1% from each BTC transaction [at bitcoin ATM]

Products/Extra features for ATM
Internet backup modem 3G / ATM * The sim will be supplied by the beneficiary (ATM Operator) [at request]
DVR for video recording and surveillance / ATM [at request]