Wild and Wonderful Hodge Wedding
We invite you to celebrate our wedding on

August 17th, 2019



Wild came straight outta Clay County. Scoring touchdowns, driving too fast down those country roads, and barefoot on the banks of the mighty Elk River. Claybury… the only Wonderful he’d known. His dad taught him the hard way was the only way and his momma kept him right. In Morgantown he discovered where Greatness is Learned and couches are burned. A pure-bred Mountaineer thinking he was invincible and knew everything. It was chasing that Wild on his work adventures in Alaska that taught him he wasn’t invincible. It was the gift of his little wildling that taught him he knew nothing.



Wonderful was brought up in the Friendly City of Fairmont. A fun-loving flowerchild always ready to get outside and get dirty. When she wasn’t barefoot in Deerfield, she found her Wonderful as one of the girls that just want to have fun… and chase boys. As a child you might find her locked in the bathroom with her hands in the sugar bowl and the first to lose at mom’s quiet game, but she was raised right on a solid foundation of family, and church every Sunday. The sanctuary of family made her who she is. The thought of starting one of her own had only ever been but a Wonderful dream.

Wild and Wonderful

The right kind of Wild and the perfect kind of Wonderful found each other at a small engineering company in Morgantown. She, the pretty little redhead always in her cubical with a smile on her face. He, the charismatic hillbilly with a never-ending list of excuses to be in that cubical with her. She saw him Walkin’ Tall with life under his thumb. He saw her with his little boy. There had been many questions in life to contemplate so far, but there was only one left to ask.