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When growing up, the thought of getting a “pet” is exciting. However, from the moment you look into that animal’s eyes, you realize they are not just a pet, they’re a part of your family.
However, paw-parents are faced with growing challenges each day. Apps aren’t user-friendly. They are cumbersome and fragmented. There’s not enough technology to support evolving needs.
Pet-oriented businesses also face an ongoing battle of high operational costs, manual operations, inefficient marketing, limited customer reach...the list goes on.

Here at the marketplace and exchange, we believe that ALL kids deserve the very best life has to offer – as well as the tireless parents, guardians and care-providers who sacrifice so much to keep them smiling.
is the FIRST and ONLY app to build a holistic community of paw-parents, while simplifying the lives of businesses with total business management, digitization, performance tracking, cost reductions and much more.

Parents can watch, pamper, transport and treat their paw-kids from anywhere on the planet. Find trusted service providers, chat with other Moms and Dads, book appointments in seconds, track your bookings, enjoy reminders and notifications for special days, and ultimately enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Parents work effortlessly to give their paw-kids the best life possible. Service Providers do their best to fulfil the desires of parents and their kids.
Isn’t it time someone made it easier and better? We think so too!


for Paw Parents

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