Jason Emer MD

Equal Parts Perfectionist, Scientist and Artist

Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon behind some of Beverly Hill's most defined bodies, impeccable skin, and chiseled facial features. He is an aesthetic visionary that dares to be different. His bold techniques, innovative approaches and master craftsmanship make him one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeons for anything face + body. His meticulous detail and personalized approach to patient care give astonishing results and lifelong relationships.

Being one of the only cosmetic surgeons in the world who has perfected 4D Hi-Def Liposculpture, Dr. Emer can sculpt, define, shape and contour a flawless body. With his unique combination of a vast array of lasers, fillers, neurotoxins and skin care plus his creativity, artistry and skill, your face + body will be transformed. Perfection through creativity and passion that dares to be different.
What are you waiting for?

hi def lipo

"Every block of stone has a statue inside of it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it" - Michelangelo.

Using instinctive techniques and advanced technologies, Dr. Emer can shape a perfect curve or sculpt and define a six pack. This is not traditional liposuction. With Hi-Def Liposculpture, every detail is perfectly and meticulous designed to not only remove fat but to tighten skin, refine and contour musculature, and rid cellulite to create a stunning final result. Why be great, when you can be exceptional? 4D Hi-Def body contouring can give you a most admired body or fix any imperfection.

laser dermatology

With countless of the most advanced and cutting-edge lasers and medical devices, Dr. Emer uses his skill and expertise to customize treatment plans for all of your skin care concerns. Every detail to get impressive results is individualized whether it be to skin type, scar, wrinkle, or pigmentation.

Previously botched procedures or burns can be treated with unique combinations and outside the box options, nobody else has or thinks to offer. Whether it be for self-improvement, age prevention or to treat a botched procedure or burn, Dr. Emer is devoted to help. Empower yourself by choosing a physician who's life's work is dedicated to satisfaction and outcomes and pioneering the aesthetic field.

Facial sculpting

Trust your face to a true artist, a true expert. Natural, preventative results require full assessment of facial features and contours with a complete understanding of your true desires. Fillers, fat injections, and Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) can be used to lift, volumize, and improve lines and wrinkles on the face.

Whether it be to create a more chiseled jawline, improve under eye hollows, shape a cheek or plump a lip, a complete understanding of anatomy and aging are essential for unimaginable results. Exceptional results are not a matter of chance, they are a matter of choice. If subtle enhancements without anyone knowing is your goal, Dr. Emer has the technical dexterity, artistic eye, and devotion to make that happen for you.


ReVay Plunkett is a highly skilled registered nurse who has been practicing aesthetic dermatology since she obtained her nursing license in 2011 from the National University in La Jolla, California. ReVay has extensive experience with the latest cosmetic procedures, including laser and ultrasound technology, and works closely with Dr. Emer to achieve exceptional results with the most advanced techniques available.

ReVay is passionate about helping patients realize their aesthetic ideals. She makes her patients her number one priority and takes the time to understand their cosmetic goals. She develops highly specialized treatment plans that are carefully tailored to each patient's unique needs. ReVay is excited to bring her experience, medical knowledge, and passion for cosmetic dermatology to Dr. Emer’s office.


Our esteemed aestheticians work directly with Dr. Emer to develop customized skincare protocols to prepare the skin and treat ongoing conditions before cosmetic procedures, as well as to heal and nourish the skin immediately after treatments. The custom protocols can also promote collagen remodeling and textural improvements in the long term with daily regimens.

Physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals are combined with personalized facials and peels to enhance Dr. Emer’s protocols and improve the life and look of your skin forever. Aesthetician & Skincare treatments include: Silk Peel®, Cosmelan®, Reve Peel®, Photodynamic Therapy (LightStim®), Dermaplaning, Facials, Extractions, Masks, Chemicals Peels and SaltFacial™.

Plastic surgery - Genius Method, Stunning results

World-renowned for pioneering transformative Hi-Def Liposuction techniques, Dr. Emer works directly with a esteemed team of plastic surgeons to expertly combine unprecedented protocols and state-of-the-art plastic surgery procedures to achieve life-changing results from head-to-toe.


Daniel Suissa, MD

A leading plastic surgeon and authority in breast and body procedures, Dr. Suissa is recognized for his objective and compassionate approach to clinical practice; his belief in consistent, natural-looking results; and his continuous research and refinement of techniques and procedures. Dr. Suissa recently authored a chapter on fillers in the upcoming 4th edition of Plastic Surgery, the leading reference textbook in his field. A Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. Suissa earned a master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and obtained additional fellowship training at Yale University and the University of Toronto.

Daniel Suissa, MD

Robert Cohen, MD

Robert Cohen, MD

Dr. Cohen is a board certified plastic surgeon with surgical practices in Los Angeles, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. Prior to starting his solo private practice in 2005, Dr. Cohen’s training included an undergraduate degree from Emory University, medical training at Tulane University School of Medicine, and plastic surgery training at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center followed by an aesthetic surgery fellowship with W. Grant Stevens / University of Southern California. Dr. Cohen specializes in aesthetic surgery of the breast and body and speaks internationally on these topics, with particular emphasis on safety and techniques in breast augmentation, augmentation mastopexy, and complex revision breast surgery. He has served as faculty at multiple plastic surgery meetings in the US and abroad, has published numerous articles on aesthetic surgery in PRS and ASJ, and has written or is currently writing book chapters on mastopexy, as well as primary and revision augmentation mastopexy in Nelligan’s Plastic Surgery, Nahai’s The Art of Aesthetic Surgery, and Calobrace’s Breast Augmentation Mastopexy. Dr. Cohen is an active member of ASAPS, ASPS and the American College of Surgeons, and is currently involved in the ASAPS ALCL-BIA task force and media relations committees. Born in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Cohen currently resides with his wife and daughter in Santa Monica, California.


Our physician assistant works directly with Dr. Emer to provide care to patients with a variety of services including skincare, microneedling, radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser treatments and non-surgical skin tightening and body sculpting. Using a combination approach to patient care and customized treatment protocols, remarkable long-term and natural-looking results are achieved.



Danielle is an NCCPA nationally board-certified and dual state-licensed (California and Florida) physician assistant trained in a wide variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. Originally from South Florida, she earned her undergraduate and Physician Assistant degree from Miami Dade College Medical Campus, completing clinical courses at Jackson Memorial Hospital and the University of Miami. With specialty training in clinical dermatology, plastic surgery and an array of cosmetic procedures, Danielle is a clinical trainer with InMode Invasix Inc., educating clinicians on radiofrequency treatments and surgery. Her extensive experience in aesthetics has given her expertise in a broad range of energy-based technologies, including laser, light, and ultrasound treatments for skin and body rejuvenation. She is an extremely experienced injector in neuromodulators and fillers for facial sculpting with specialties in dark circle and under eye hollows, as well as lip and cheek augmentation. She has been extensively trained by Dr. Emer in treating all skin types and ethnicities, as well as a wide-range of dermatological conditions and concerns such as acne, rosacea, and melasma. Danielle’s precise and thorough skills as well as being bilingual in both Spanish and English have gained the respect and admiration of her patients. Her philosophy is about long-term treatment plans to get the best results for her patients. She stresses that combination of continued skin care, lasers or energy-based treatments, facials, peels, fillers and skin tightening, will execute the finest, most natural and preventative results.


Restore Self-Empowerment Through Self-Improvement of the Face and Body

Patients know that Dr. Emer offers unparalleled devotion and passion for relationships that last a lifetime. But don't take it from us, see what our patient's have to say.


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