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The place for great Skype English Lessons, find a WordPress developer, PHP programmer or just to read a good blog.

My name is Trevor, I am 35, from Australia.

I am an English teacher, web developer, programmer, blogger and many other things.  I am using this site to keep people informed, offer my services, help others to get their info out there and make people laugh.

Do you need a website?

I can build you a website from scratch or update and improve your existing one. I can also develop PHP applications, create interactive pages with jquery or provide database solutions.

See my portfolio for details:

My Portfolio

Are you are looking for English lessons?

I can do customised English lessons tailored to suit your needs. I can help with standardised tests, job applications, proofreading. Anything I can do to help bring your English up to the standard you need.
(763) 639-9619

Do you want to collaborate on something?

If you like what's going on here then you are welcome to contribute by writing or promote your services and products. Please send a message with a sample of your writing or a description of your ideas.


Why is there advertising on this site?

Yeah I know right.

Look at it this way, every time someone clicks on an advertiser's link that's equal to one less truck-stop handjob stroke I have to perform.

But seriously, I'm learning about monetizing websites in case clients are interested, if you click on the link and go troll them I get paid.


You found something offensive and want to make a complaint?

It's a joke right, stay away from the humour section and get a life.

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