About us

Nature has a strange way to unite people. Direction for volunteers is one of them where like-minded team of volunteers gathered to help people...who were expecting for helping hands rather than praying lips during flood occurred in Chennai and Cuddalore early December 2015. People from various corners of the world joined together through social networks and provided invaluable support which lead to the creation of D4V. Our deeds started with just sharing the needs of people who are suffering during the floods, then we started bridging the donors who were seeking direction to reach the people in real need. Our volunteers themselves entered the field, collected relief materials from various sources and distributed to people, most of whom lost hope about their future. We have also organized medical camps for victims and volunteers to stay healthy.

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  • Ms. Girija, one of the two daughters of a daily wage building worker and an all rounder academic topper needs Rs.30,000 to continue her studies. She is an aspiring professor, she is a State Rank holder(3rd Rank) and a college topper in Diploma and ME 1st semester. Click here for more details


Our Vision

D4V vision is to be the primary platform that enables volunteers to bond with public for a social cause leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice.

Our Mission

D4V Mission is to facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic volunteer community to support and assist the public in need.

Our Volunteers