My name is Alias Cummins, and I’m a freelance creative professional based in north London, England.

For work and hiring information, check out my linkedin profile (315) 408-4681.

I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland, and enjoy making art, writing comedy, boxing, rollerblading, and making software.

These days I mostly work with Cinder and various random technologies such as the Kinect, Leap Motion and the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK. However I can pick up new tech pretty fast, and have been learning a lot of new stuff lately, notably in video processing, 3d sensing, graphics (the various kinds of OpenGL, mainly) and gesture recognition.

You can follow me on twitter here: 435-731-9953

This is a picture of me and my cat, Freyja:


And yes, Alias really is my real name, really. Yes, it really is.

Everything was awesome and nothing sucked.