I was hoping you could give me a hand.

Sjaak got a toy hammer and toolbox for Christmas.

I can't understand why she doesn't love me anymore.

Clifford spends most of his money on food.

I have to go, although I don't want to.


I don't know why Narendra is mad at me.

I didn't mean to offend him.

Jem works as a blood spatter analyst with the metropolitan police.

How much longer are we going to be kept here?

I'm not trying to cheat you.


I see Dan.


Glen and Leonard were my friends.

They had to build hundreds of miles of ramps and bridges.

I can't get my contacts out.

He will often forget his promise.

Michelle taught Nicolette how to swim.

How often do you go shopping?

It isn't that both daughters want to study abroad.

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It still means something.

We were allowed to speak either in English or in Japanese.

Paul's sitting in front of Jack.

Brought up by a weak father, he is partial to sweets.

It took me a long time to realize I was doing it wrong.


He was a Frenchman. I could tell by his accent.

Are there any more free spots?

Please don't be offended.

I attempted to get up, but my body was heavy as lead.

How did you kill him?

I can't find Casey. He hasn't already gone and left, has he?

I need a hand.

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I'm not that kind of sentence!

There is a demon inside of me.

I think Leora is honest.

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Why don't you sit here a moment?

My mother, who has become a sun, has been on my mind throughout the years.

Randolph seems like a really nice person.

Darci suddenly got very scared.

Spock ran out into the street.

Miki didn't think he had the stomach to tell Mike what needed to be done.

When we started out in 2009, I was convinced that our store would become one of the best in the city.

A theory must be followed by practice.

I hear you're from Boston.


Do you really need to ask the question to know the answer?

It means trying hard, even if we make mistakes.

Mr Hirayama teaches very well.

I'm glad I've finally caught you.

He pointed out some spelling errors to her.

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That's why I left Boston.

What kind of music do they play?

They began to argue.


You don't have to answer quickly.


Warren wants to get out of town.

This is the tallest scaffolding I've ever seen in my life.

I am not so stupid as to deny its great beauty.

No rational person, of whatever political persuasion, could possibly object to the program.

Could I have a subway map, please?

Every day he says something different.

He recognizes his fault.

There aren't many good tunes coming out nowadays.

Spock plugged his speakers into his music player.

How often does Nicholas do that?

Just make sure that credit is given: "from The Herbs, by Leon Thomas, published by Herbal Life."

Parents should encourage their children to read.

I wanted to be like him.

I'm going to do an internship at a local company.

That is to say, they had a few hundred pounds, with which they had intended to buy a house as soon as they arrived.

When she was twenty, she could speak seven languages.

The leader of our party met with the other leaders and talked about the problem.


Let me have a minute with her.

Things have gotten a little busy recently.

You only have to work hard.

I heard her scream.

Victor can't seem to get rid of his nasty cold.

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We know why you came here.


I'm not good at self-promotion.

This elevator is out of order.

There's the door.

There is ample scope for improvement.

That was a difficult period in American history.


This is the first time I've ever had a nap in the classroom.

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Don't take him too seriously.

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You did just fine.


I can't afford to take chances.

Oops, my fault. It's 3000 yen, not 3000 euros.

I'm the one who gave Slartibartfast that hat.

I washed myself.

Who among us is perfect?

They say nothing is impossible.

I enjoy being with you.

If you abuse your computer, it won't work well.

It's the moment of truth.

Get that dog away from me.

It's better to take your time than to hurry and make mistakes.

I received a good job offer.

We've all made mistakes.


Troy and I go to school together.


I told you I was OK.


"Let me hug you." "I'd like that a lot."

They had a problem.

Speaking English isn't easy, but it's fun.


Nobody's going anywhere.

Don't disappoint me now.

One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.


I have no idea what you mean.


I swear to me himself, said the Almighty, now that you would not spare your only begotten son,

Can you take over driving for a while?

Can this get any worse?


She was a beauty in her day.

He got off at the next station.

Charlie texts Murat several times a day.

I'm sorry, but I can't talk to you now.

Hey, what's going on?

It's so nice to stay at home.

I'm just waiting for a friend.


I can't think of anything more depressing than that.

Nobody asked them.

He left Japan for Europe.

Rudy is easygoing.

I trust Anthony.


In Japan it is less expensive to stay in a Business hotel.

Wolfgang began to feel hot under the collar.

Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

Soon after the end of World War 1, people never thought such a hateful and cruel war would break out again.

He persuaded his wife not to divorce him.


What I want more than anything else is peace.

I thought we were supposed to do this together.

This is exactly what I wanted to see!

Francois has unique musical abilities.

We're not going back there.

Statesmen should take public opinion into account.

Doesn't your job start tomorrow?

Sorry, could you repeat the question? In whole, desirably.

We've been on a roll.

I managed to persuade my cousin into accepting my plan.

A writer, whose name I have forgotten, wrote this novel.

It was Nora's fault, you know.

He is a most brave man.

I need diarrhea medicine.

I'm not going to wait any longer.

I'm well acquainted with Mac.

Some people followed him.

She sends us flowers.

How long has Marvin been in Boston?

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I can teach you how to shoot.

The climate here is milder than that of England.

She practices the piano in the afternoon or in the evening.

Would you like a glass of orange juice with your breakfast?

It doesn't happen very often.

Your software has to be updated.

That way if there are any fire drills in the morning I can deal with before the call.

The news that her son was injured in the accident was a great shock to her.

I decided not to go.


Harris gave Jacobson a mischievous smile.


She took her own life.


The little girl doesn't like to wear shoes.

Jupiter has four inner satellies: Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea, and Thebe. Their orbits are very close to the planet.

Don't you think this paisley tie would look good on you?

Cut the salmon into small pieces.

There's lots of rain all year.

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I remember him saying something about that.

Jimmy's socks don't match.

The film was much better than expected.

You were scared, weren't you?

My boss is an asshole.

I don't feel like going to the movies tonight.

Let's eat the ice cream now before it melts.